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Place Category: Local Dining and Bar/GrillsPlace Tags: bar

  • Food ’til midnite (90% of the time – LOL). We are located on Watersmeet Lake on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes, two miles west of Eagle River at the intersection of Highway 17 South and Highway 70. Come by car, bike, boat, snowmobile or seaplane (it has happened!).  Casual dining with possible firepit chats (weather permitting). The Nagy family has been making homemade pizza for over 60 years.  We make our own dough and roll your pizza when you order it.  It is then topped with our homemade sauce and freshly grated 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese.  Our sausage is made from fresh ground pork with our own combination of high quality seasonings.  If you prefer a burger they are fresh ground chuck never frozen with many toppings to choose from.  General rule – we open at 4:00 pm daily except closed on Tuesdays.  Call us for weddings, rehearsals, birthdays, retirement, reunions or just-for-the-heck-of-it parties.

  • Lake: Watersmeet Lake