Evil Falls House of Tormented Souls – Haunted House

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  • EVIL FALLS HOUSE OF TORMENTED SOULS – HAUNTED HOUSE – Raising funds for the Northland Pines Drama and Musical Productions.  Marcus Dread resides at Evil Falls House of Tormented Souls.  His demented character is in search of weak humans whose mind, body and spirit are unstable, making them perfect prey — for he is known as the Soul Collector.  Helping in his demented scheme is his partner in crime, Karena D. Cay, a soulless, forsaken, dark bride.  She will do anything to help him in his need to feed on the souls of those who enter Evil Falls.  Those who dare to walk the halls should prepare for startling scares, creepy scare-actors, dark narrow paths, intense lighting, fog, blood and gore, haunting music and dark claustrophobic spaces.  Open for NINE NIGHTS OF NIGHTMARES!

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