Supper Clubs and Seasonal Northwoods Food

Whether it’s a plate of spaghetti or a full rack of mouthwatering ribs, food brings people together. What we eat is influenced by the season and where we are. With a cornucopia of options in the fall, food is a major highlight every year in the Eagle River area.

Food is so much a part of the culture in Eagle River that it’s celebrated with an annual festival. Cranberry Fest pays homage to the history and economic impact of Wisconsin’s largest fruit export, of which Eagle River contributes toward with nearly 1,000 acres of land. The October 1-2 event offers visitors a chance to buy some of the 10,000 pounds worth of cranberries sold. Festivalgoers can try a cranberry brat or take a tour of an area cranberry marsh.

There’s much more to eat besides cranberries in the Eagle River area. From diners and coffee shops to brew pubs and supper clubs, Eagle River and the surrounding area offer meals for any diet and experiences that range from casual to swanky.

Once considered in danger of fading into Wisconsin lore at the turn of the century, the supper club experience has rebounded and is better than ever. After stepping inside one of our supper clubs on a brisk, fall evening, you’ll be greeted by a friendly face – oftentimes, the owner. In addition to house specials like a 16-ounce steak and a Northwoods cocktail classic like an Old Fashioned, many of our supper clubs provide stunning lake views.

In the Eagle River area, we like to eat with our friends. So why don’t you do a little online research on where you’d like dine and come join us? It’s suppertime.

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