Our lives are a lot like yours – at times wonderful, at times overwhelming, at times heartbreaking. However, here at Christ Lutheran Church & School we have something that sustains us, no matter what life dishes out. You see, our church is not a club for good people, nor is our school a private school for rich kids. Instead, our church is a hospital where sinners gather to confess the ugliness of our sins and receive the healing of Christ’s grace. Our school is a place where children of all backgrounds are welcome to learn and grow, not only academic knowledge but also in the wisdom and grace of God. If you are interested in learning more about the Christian faith, our church, our Christian preschool and elementary school, please take a moment to contact us. We would love to share the joy of Christ with you and your child!

Christ Lutheran Church & School

201 North 3rd St
Eagle River, WI 54521


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