An Unbreakable Line

Anyone fishing might wish to cast an unbreakable line. While that might not be possible, any angler can help form an unbreakable line by passing on the tradition of fishing to a son, daughter, nephew, niece, or friend’s children. It’s a hobby that can turn into a passion and become a generational tradition.

The tradition of fishing is something that’s been started or sustained on the hundreds of lakes in the Eagle River area for more than a century. It’s not difficult to see why: unspoiled lakes teeming with fish, aesthetic wooded backdrops, and clean air to breathe in all those memories.

Think back to your first time fishing. Was it with your dad? Were you on a boat floating on Catfish Lake in Eagle River or off a pier casting into Otter Lake? Those first few times fishing can be just as memorable as your most recent experience. You have an opportunity to give that same gift to the next generation with a fishing trip.

Reel Tips

Choosing the right bait and setting the hook are important first steps for any beginner. Even if it’s not the ideal selection, the classic wiggly worm is a great way to get the interest of a younger child. Those first fishing outings aren’t necessarily about teaching all the strategies, it’s about having fun together.

One of the best ways to learn the basics without having to manage every line is to bring a fishing guide. Not only will a guide provide all the basic knowledge first-time anglers need, they have the local knowhow to get some nibbles in nearly any Eagle River area lake, from Yellow Birch Lake to Big Fork Lake.

Learning the basics early sets the foundation for a sustained tradition. By teaching these skills right away, it invites young anglers to think, wonder, and try to get better.

Find Your Family of Lakes

One of the best ways to instill or sustain a tradition is to keep doing it in the same place at the same time. For instance, after several years of visiting, most young anglers will soon learn that the third weekend in August is the National Championship Musky Open in Eagle River. The Open uses a “Lake Family” designation for its tournament. Perhaps your family tradition rotates which family of lakes are fished each year or maybe you settle in at one particular body of water in the World’s Largest Chain of Freshwater Lakes in the World.

Choosing a resort, cabin, or lodging option can also serve as a cornerstone to your fishing tradition. There’s an overnight experience that can accommodate nearly any kind of feel you want to create for an annual pilgrimage.

Start (or Continue) A Fishing Tradition

Be part of an unbreakable line. Teach the next generation about the joys of fishing and spending time with loved ones in the pursuit of a big catch. Just think, it might lead to the first “one that got away” story your niece tells. Maybe it’ll be the first time your son puts up the “Gone fishin’” sign you haven’t used in years. If you want to start that tradition up here with us… well, the fish are biting.

This is Your Reminder to Go Camping

Camping doesn’t have to be intense or in tents. Whether you like building campfires or prefer an electric hookup for the RV, check out the video for some summer camping ideas in the Eagle River area.

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