Up North, On the Move

Person zip-lining over a forested lake under a cloudy sky.

The Northwoods is known for its lakes and the activities you can do on—or in—them. And it turns out that tourists looking for active, non-water activities have a lot of…

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What’s the Catch?

ERWinter Fishing2023

Ice can be a great addition to any drink. Turns out it can be a great addition to our lakes too. When conditions are right and lakes freeze over in…

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All Day on the Chain


All Eagle River trails offer the peace and tranquility that comes with being Up North. Read about some of our recommended hiking and biking trails here.

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An Unbreakable Line


Families love fishing in Eagle River. See how to make the most of it with these tips and pass the tradition on for generations.

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Staying Connected


We’re known for the biggest chain of freshwater lakes. Get to know your way around and discover all there is to do while you’re on the water.

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Test The Waters

A red and white boat in the water.

Get out on the World’s Largest Chain of 28 Connected Lakes. Find boat tours, bring your own, rent a kayak, or just jump right in from a dock – the water’s great.

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Set Your Sites for Summer


Eagle River is the perfect site for summer fun. Whether you’re boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, biking, or hanging around, you’ll find something beautiful here.

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