Staying Connected

We know that visiting the Eagle River area is a good way to disconnect from daily life, yet we’re also home to the largest connection in the world. Our 28 connected freshwater lakes make up the biggest such chain on Earth. We don’t mean to brag—it’s just a fact!

And with all that water and thousands of mature shoreline trees filling in the scenery, we’ve been told that the chain might be one of the most naturally beautiful landscapes, too. (That’s not an official fact.) But we do know that locals and tourists alike can be found cruising the chain just to take in the sights and sounds.

Whether you’re on the Eagle River side of the chain or the Three Lakes side to the south, there is always something enjoyable to do on the chain of 28 connected lakes in our neck of the woods!

Chain of Lakes

Eagle River side

  • Catfish
  • Cranberry
  • Duck
  • Eagle
  • Lynx
  • Otter
  • Scattering Rice
  • Voyageur
  • Watersmeet
  • Yellow Birch

Three Lakes side

  • Big
  • Big Fork
  • Big Stone
  • Crystal
  • Deer
  • Dog
  • Fourmile
  • Island
  • Laurel
  • Little Fork
  • Long
  • Medicine
  • Planting Ground
  • Range Line
  • Round
  • Town Line
  • Virgin
  • Whitefish

Freshwater Fun

Some folks prefer cruising in just one or two lakes on the chain in their pontoon boat. Others like to zip around in a motorboat in larger lakes*. No matter your speed, there is a water activity that suits any personality.

The Eagle River area is known for its world class fishing. And many anglers try their luck in the chain. Afterall, how many times can you catch fish from different lakes without ever taking the boat out of the water? On the opposite end of the spectrum, if an angler isn’t getting a bite in one lake, they can cast their line in another lake just 10 minutes later to see if a trophy awaits their bait. Check out Eagle River Guides Association for a fishing expert.

Lakes on the chain are also great for silent sport activities like canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. It’s a great way to enjoy natural sounds out on the water as you paddle your way through the chain without the noise of an engine.

Plan Your Meals

It can be easy to accidentally spend an entire day out on the water any time you head out on the chain. Be sure to have a meal plan (or two) ready!

Preparing a cooler with lunches and snacks is a great way to keep everyone happy for a daytime excursion. Sandwiches, fruit, and beverages are the perfect way to stay fueled up on a long summer day. Trig’s and Pick ‘N Save are two favorites for their large, quality selection of grocery items.

There are also a number of great dining options on the water for boaters looking to tie up for a nice lunch or dinner**. This option is perfect for people who don’t want to plan out a meal or lose track of time on the chain and suddenly realize how hungry they are!

If there’s one thing worse than being sunburned out on the water, it’s being sunburned and hungry out on the water.

Take the Hoist

The chain of lakes is connected by the Burnt Rollways Boat Hoist. The hoist carries watercraft up (and down) 165 feet between the Eagle River and Three Lakes portions of the chain. It’s not only a necessary activity to move from one side of the chain to the other, but also a fun activity to see the process.

Time to Get Back on the Chain

So what are you waiting for? The water is warm (relatively speaking). Haul yourself and your favorite watercraft up to the Eagle River area for a fun and relaxing time on the chain. Even if you don’t have a boat, it’s easy to get out on the chain with all the watercraft rentals available in the area.

Disconnect from daily life for a while. Reacquaint yourself with the largest connected chain of lakes in the world.

*- Please respect “no wake” zones in the Eagle River Chain and other bodies of water.

**- Not all restaurants in the “dining on the water” category are on the Eagle River Chain or have tie up options for watercraft.

Top 5 summer must dos

With so much to do up in the Eagle River area, we thought a Top 5 Must Do video might help you plan your next trip! It might not surprise you to learn that 2 happen on (or in) the water.

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