Routes and Stops You Want to See

More than 70 miles of ATV/UTV routes in the Eagle River area can lead to lots of fun. There’s something exhilarating about zipping through our neck of the woods on an ATV or UTV. And a lot of choices.

Are you looking for a route with long straightaways and hills? How about a route that winds through a forest around a lake? Looking to grab a tasty lunch or delectable dinner right off the route? The options for ATV/UTV routes are enough to get your wheels spinning.

No matter what type of ride you’re looking for on your next visit, the Eagle River area promises to deliver two things every time: incredible natural scenery and fun. And after your ride, you might want to thank all the people who support and maintain the ATV/UTV routes we love so much, like the Lakeland ATV Club, Landover ATV Club, and St. Germain ATV Club.

Here are a pair of suggestions on where to ride and where to stop.

The Conover to Phelps Hwy. K Connection

As we all know, Eagle River is Up North. But when you go even further north from the ATV/UTV trailhead near Tribute Brewing Co., you’re in for an entire gas tank’s worth of fun. Hop onto N. Adams Road and ride parallel to hwy. 45 for about 8 miles. You’ll be treated to undulating terrain, coniferous and pine forests, as well as some rolling fields and farmland during this stretch.

Once you merge onto hwy. 45 and get into Conover, you’ll turn right to head east on hwy. K for another few miles. If you get to the Landover ATV Club, you’ve gone too far! Eventually hwy. K will turn north to avoid running into Twin Lake and head back east. When you’ve come to Twin Overlook road, head down it and stop at Dublin Sports Bar & Grill for a lunch with a view of Twin Lake on their private patio. Open daily at 11 a.m. Dublin offers specials like $1 burger day on Wednesdays and 75-cent wings on Thursdays. They even have gas for your ATV or UTV, if you need to tank up.

After re-fueling, head back to hwy. K and continue east along the north side of Twin Lake toward Phelps. Make a right onto hwy. E and take the gentle turn off the highway onto the route to the left. Follow this all the way down to Co-Op Road on the east side of Phelps and then follow it down to Strong Road and make a right onto Deerskin Road. Stay on Deerskin Road as you wind through forests all the way to Deerskin Lake. Stop to take in the view before heading back to Deerskin Road and making a left on Rangeline Road to head south toward Eagle River.


Explore Lakes and Trails toward St. Germain

Get your day started on the west side of Eagle River for a morning cup of coffee and a light breakfast at Eagle River Roasters Coffee House on Pine Street. Then head north alongside hwy. 45 to get to the same trailhead near Tribute Brewing Co. From there, ATV/UTVers can head west on hwy. G toward St. Germain. And while you can take the scenic county highway almost the entire way to our friendly neighbor community, we might suggest going offroad to explore a few routes through the woods.

Make a right onto Boot Lake Road and then a left onto Road W (before you get to Tepee Lake). Follow the Katie Lake Game Trail through the forest and over a creek. It’ll reconnect you with hwy. G a couple miles west. From there, make a right and either stay on hwy. G or make a left down Musky Road. While Musky Road will offer nice views of Muskellunge Lake and then Snipe Lake after turning left onto Wilderness Trail, hwy. G offers incredible forest-bound routes to the south. Either way you take offers a connecting route via Snipe Lake Game Trail north of hwy. 70.

After cruising through some off-road routes for a while, head back toward Eagle River. After a long ride, the Eagle River downtown is a great place to grab a seat for lunch. Toad in the Hole is a cozy restaurant serving food from scratch for breakfast and lunch, so be sure to get there before it closes at 2 p.m. And now serving sandwiches and flatbreads, Smugglers is a casual eating option after going hard on the routes. Beware of the horseradish … it’s got a special kind of zing to it.

Get the Wheels Ready or Rent Some

Before you head up for another summer of riding, you’ll want to perform some basic maintenance on your ATV or UTV. Check the oil. Replace dirty air filters. Put air in deflated tires. Take a look at the condition of the belt, bolts, and nuts to avoid a breakdown on your next ride. Nobody wants to get stuck on the side of the road.

And if you don’t own a sweet ride? Track Side, The Toy Shop, and 4 Seasons Powersports Rental have excellent rental options for visitors. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting your ATV or UTV up here! All three Eagle River area establishments have strong reputations for delivering ATV—and watercraft—that folks need to enjoy our area routes, trails, and lakes.

Need a Place to Stay?

It’s hard to see it all in one day, even if you’re topping out on some of the longer straightaways. Lakes. Sunsets. Eagles. If ATVing is the main activity during your visit, check out which places to stay in the Eagle River area that are near a route.

Adventure Awaits

It’s a great feeling when climbing onto an ATV or UTV. The stage is set for adventure. Strap that helmet on, get some rubber on the road, and hit a route. See you in Eagle River this summer!

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