Tourism Promotion & Development Grant Program

The Eagle River Tourism Promotion and Development Grant program was created to create partnerships with Eagle River Area Room Tax District not-for-profit organizations to promote tourism in the Eagle River area.  The Eagle River Tourism Promotion and Development Grant Committee will review all applications and make recommendations for the distribution of Tourism Promotion and Development funds.

The mission of the Eagle River Tourism Promotion and Development Grant Committee is to promote the Eagle River Area as a premier four-season family destination by attracting visitors, encouraging overnight stays, and increasing visibility of the Eagle River area through tourism; thus creating an overall positive impact in our community.

The vision for the Eagle River Tourism Promotion and Development Grant is to help support not-for-profit organizations in the Eagle River Area Room Tax District with an opportunity to present ideas for promotion and development of the Eagle River area as a greater vacation destination by bringing more visitors to our community and improving tourism opportunities.

Funds Available: The Room Tax Commission of Eagle River (which consists of representation from the following municipalities: City of Eagle River, Town of Lincoln and Town of Washington) and the Advertising and Promotions Committee of the Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce have agreed to create a grant program to support tourism promotion and development projects within our Room Tax District in accordance to the State of Wisconsin Room Tax Legislation.  The Eagle River Tourism Promotion and Development Grant Committee reserves the right to fund or deny all grant requests.  If grants are awarded, they may be awarded in full or in partial.

Applicable Projects: Funding is intended for new events and development projects or enhancements to existing events or development projects.  Funding is not to be used as general operating capital.

Projects funded under this program can include:

One time/One-of-a-Kind Event/Project

  • So unique that the likelihood of this being repeated is minimal, but this project must still be able to bring a sufficient amount of tourism to the Eagle River Area.

New/Recurring Event

  • A New Event that has not previously been held in the Eagle River Area. This is an event the applicant intends to repeat regularly.
    • “WOW” type events and projects located outside our normal area that could have a positive impact on the Eagle River area may be given considerations.

Existing Event

  • Advertising campaign within a new geographic market directed at a new demographic audience. New markets, media and audiences should be chosen based on their potential to increase the events attendance.

Capital Improvement/Building Project/Tourism Infrastructure

  • In addition to the base application, you will need to complete the Capital Improvement Projects Section.
  • Capital Projects
    • Contributing to the development or expansion of visitor attractions and amenities.
    • New capital construction project
  • Upgrades, enhancements, expansion to existing facilities
  • Permanent exhibit installations

Special Projects

  • Exhibitions or events including Arts/Cultural activities
  • Signage (Wayfinding, On-site attraction, Visitor information Kiosk)
  • “WOW” type events and projects located outside our normal area that could have a positive impact on the Eagle River area may be given considerations.
  • Promotions (marketing opportunities)

Grant Criteria to Qualify for Consideration:

Operational Criteria

  • Your event or project must be sponsored by a not-for-profit organization with IRS certification. Privately owned for-profit businesses are not eligible.
  • The event or project must be located in the Room Tax District: City of Eagle River, Town of Washington or Town of Lincoln.
  • The project is a result of a planning process that has had public involvement and the community understands and supports the project.
  • Other funds necessary to the project have been or are being raised. Plans are developed for keeping this project viable with ongoing operating and maintenance costs.
  • A marketing plan has been created.
  • There is an established management/staffing structure for this project.

Tourism Impact Criteria

  • This project supports the Eagle River area brand.
  • It will serve a substantial number of overnight visitors – generating overnight stays in our lodging facilities.
  • An interactive and unique experience is created through the event/project for the visitor.
  • The project is open to the public, year-round or at least 180 day a year.
  • Events proposed during off season or in season week-days and Sundays will be given more consideration.
  • There will be a positive economic impact to the community.
  • This project will contribute to our ability to attract visitors and improve the overall tourism assets to our area.
  • This project will be covered by or receive media attention.
  • The Eagle River logo will be present and associated with all projects.

Goals of grant support

  • New events or enhancements to current events will draw additional people to our area from outside a 100 mile radius to increase overnight stays.
  • Marketing and promotion happen outside of a 100 mile radius.
  • Capital Improvements.
  • This Grant will not support the following: feasibility studies or research, operating expenses, annual fund drives, endowment funds, reimbursement for previously incurred expenses, travel or expenses considered to be overhead.

Application Deadlines

March 31 and September 30  (Grant applications are accepted twice a year providing funds have not been dispersed for the grant year.)

All applications will be reviewed based on Operational and Tourism Criteria and if the project meets the Goals of Support by the Eagle River Tourism Promotions and Development Grant Committee.  Every grant will be considered on its own merit and it is within the Grant Committee’s authority to approve or deny any grant for any reason.  During this process you may be contacted for more information.  Notification of grant success will be given by email.

How to Apply

  1. Review grant details to be sure your project is a fit.
  2. Complete the entire grant application
  3. Submit the grant application by application deadline
  4. You will be notified by email if your organization received funding or if your organization has been denied.
  5. Funded projects will need to report back to the Eagle River Tourism Promotion and Development Grant Committee with a Summary report on your project. (See requirements in application.)

Need further assistance: please contact Kim Emerson - Executive Director – Eagle River Chamber at: or 715-479-6400

Submit Grant

Drop-off or e-mail the completed application to:

Kim Emerson - Executive Director

Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center -  201 N. Railroad Street, Eagle River


You should receive a confirmation email within a week of submitting your application.  Please feel free to follow up with Kim if you do not receive confirmation that your application was received.

Payment of Grants

  • New and upgraded capital project grants will be paid upon documented completion of the project and the receipt of the Summary Report.
  • New or enhanced event grant recipients will receive 50% of the funds within 60 days to the event or when need is specified to pay for promotional costs. The remaining 50% will be paid after receipt of the Summary Report.
  • All grant recipients are required to present a Summary Report to the Eagle River Tourism Promotion and Development Grant Committee within 60 days following the completion of the project or following the event. This will trigger the release of final grant funds to the organization.  Payment of funds may take up to 30 days to process so it is advantageous to submit your report as soon as possible after completion of the event/project.
    • Summary Report must address the following:
      • Overall review of the event/project and its success.
        • Include number of overnight stays created as a result of this event/project for our area.
        • Attendance at the event
        • Strengths and weaknesses of the event/project – including its marketing efforts
        • What is the future for this event/project
      • Results/impact of the event/project
        • To the extent possible, the applicant shall include quantitative as well as qualitative measurements on the results. Impact of the project including survey results, statistics, and other complied data.
        • To the extent practicable, the applicant is asked to collect survey data to estimate the impact of their event/project on tourism.
      • Income/Expense Budget Review: provide a final report showing a summary of all project receipts and expenditures including how the grant funds were used.
      • Other items deemed appropriate by the applicant and/or the Grant Committee.