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Come fall, our tree’s sure hog the spotlight, but there’s lots of other fun to find in their shadows. Make sure you get in some last boating, fishing and hiking trips before the sun sets on the season. Oh, and of course, don’t forget to get in an eyeful of that beautiful fall Northwoods color we’re known for.

Feeling Festive this Fall?

Fall Color Driving Tour

Take a drive through this little slice of heaven we like to call home and discover how our lush Northwoods turns from a vibrant sea of green to a breathtaking canopy of color. No need to plan, we’ve got you covered with these driving tours of the area. Fuel Up…

SepTimber Ride Weekend

SepTimber Ride 2020 is "just a bit different" this year. Grab your friends and bring the entire gang for a weekend filled with fun, local flavor and beautiful autumn scenery. There's a lot more to this little slice of heaven that you can explore by bike, foot, boat or however…

Romantic Fall Getaway

Fall and Eagle River go together like you and well… you’re loved one. You will find plenty of natural beauty, lots of good food and fun activities … and that’s pretty romantic if you ask us. So, what do perfect pairs do in the perfect fall season in our neck…

Cranberry Fest

There’s lots to celebrate in Eagle River during the fall, but one of the highlights is our famous Cranberry Fest. Over 40,000 people attend the fest each year and we think that’s pretty sweet, unlike the cranberry itself. So come see it for yourself and grab yourself a little slice…

Fall Done Right

The colors of fall look pretty good anywhere you go, but around here we like to think it’s about as good as it gets. The leaves change in a flash, so grab your camera, and head to any or all of our best viewing activities to get your eye full…

Fall Fishing and Hunting is Second to None

While the anticipation of Opening Day lures thousands onto Eagle River area lakes at the beginning of May, every angler knows it’s not until fall when the bites come one after another. Fall in Eagle River is also time for another kind of tradition – hunting. Preparing for a long…

Fall into Fun

Are all fall colors created equal? In Wisconsin’s Northwoods, they arrive earlier and – some say – they show brighter. Perhaps it’s because brilliant reds and oranges seem to pop against the blue backdrop of Eagle River area lakes. Fall is a special time in Eagle River. The World’s Largest…

Eagle River’s Classic Cocktail: Old Fashioned

You can always count on running into some friendly folks and enjoying a relaxing time up in Eagle River. That’s how it’s been for decades and while a lot of things change, there’s still a few that will always remain in Wisconsin’s Northwoods: supper clubs, fish fries and Old Fashioneds.…

Supper Clubs and Seasonal Northwoods Food

Whether it’s a plate of spaghetti or a full rack of mouthwatering ribs, food brings people together. What we eat is influenced by the season and where we are. With a cornucopia of options in the fall, food is a major highlight every year in the Eagle River area. Food…

So Much More to do…

Fall Color

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