Northland Pines School District

faculty21439 small 3Scott Foster – District Administrator

Building an Environment Rich for Learning

The Northland Pines School District has a lot to offer and prides itself with an excellent staff, an environment rich for learning with a strong curriculum, above state average test scores, state of the art technology, many co-curricular offerings and great facilities.

We have 85 students open enrolled into the Northland Pines School District; this is a tribute to the quality of education all students receive throughout our school district. We recognize that all students are unique and learn in different ways.  The District works hard at identifying the best learning method for each student by offering both traditional classroom learning and non-traditional classroom learning.  Our SOAR Charter Middle School and SOAR Charter High School both offer project based and self-paced learning environments.  Our Montessori Learning Center is more child-centered and individualized, not teacher driven.  Our Phoenix Center is an alternative education learning environment.  We also offer vocational training and other learning options such as Personalized Learning Plans.  We also proudly offer the traditional pre-K to Grade 12 classroom setting as well.  We have five traditional schools: Eagle River Elementary SchoolSt. Germain Elementary SchoolLand O’ Lakes Elementary SchoolNorthland Pines Middle School and Northland Pines High School.

We receive strong community and business support as we continue to develop many partnerships in the community and throughout the surrounding area. Feel free to visit us at any time and tour our wonderful facilities! Please take a moment to check out our District Videos to see some of the wonderful opportunities offered to our students and community members.

If you have any questions regarding the Northland Pines School District or public education in general please contact me by phone at 715-479-6487 Option 1, Extension 1 or email me at

We believe...

  • Our students are the main reason we are here.
  • Learning is a lifelong process.
  • Everyone has unlimited potential.
  • Learning goes beyond the classroom setting.
  • Everyone has the right to feel safe in the educational environment.
  • Respect, honesty and integrity are basic to successful education.
  • All students have the right of equal access to educational opportunities.
  • In the continual pursuit of excellence and success for all.
  • The educational system has a responsibility to prepare students for an emerging global society.
  • The family or caregiver carries the primary responsibility of the development of their children.
  • A cooperative effort among students, family, primary caregiver, staff and community are essential to the educational process.
  • Every individual is unique, has worth, and is to be treated equally and with dignity.