Living Life on the Chain

You might’ve heard that the Eagle River area is home to the Largest Chain of 28 Connected Freshwater Lakes®. You heard right. And we don’t mean to brag, but locals and visitors alike tell us there are some incredible experiences on—and along the shores of—those lakes.

We know the Chain beckons to many of our visitors. For some, it’s the top reason they come see our neck of the woods year after year. And for good reason.

So what can you do on the Chain? Fishing, motorboating, pontooning, paddle boarding, waterskiing, jet skiing, and just about anything you can imagine doing on the water. More like, "what can’t you do?" Even for land-dwellers, the chain of lakes brings a level of satisfaction that’s only achieved when you get back to nature. It’s easy to accidentally spend the whole day out on the Chain.

Dining on the water

Whether you’ve been on the lake all day or not, enjoying a meal on the Eagle River Chain of Lakes has its benefits. First and foremost, the restaurants on the Chain all have the most important ingredient – great food!

For lunch, consider some wings, a pulled chicken avocado smash sandwich or a chanti sweet chili chicken pizza off the expanded food menu while sitting in the beer garden at Chanticleer Inn. Located on the west end of Voyageur Lake, Chanticleer Inn provides some incredible sights and great food. Sweetwater Spirits, located on highway 45, is a sports bar with a great view of Duck Lake. During dinner, you can catch the big game while watching anglers try to catch a different kind of big game.

Don’t want to limit yourself to the chain of lakes? Check out the link if you’re looking to find a great dining option on the water that extends beyond the Chain.

Getting stuck on a sandbar

Yes, this can be a good thing! Beaching the pontoon, canoe, or whatever seafaring vessel you prefer, is generally just the beginning of a very good day. Adventuring out into a temporary plot of sandy “land” is one of the highlights for boaters.

One of the top sandbars in the area is just east of Eagle River on the northern part of Catfish Lake off highway 70 near Boat Sport Marine, which will kindly rent out a vessel if you’re in need. It’s a great place to set up shop for a day of lounging while listening to tunes and spending time with friends and family.

Another local favorite is near the boat launch on the north side of Eagle Lake, off Chain O Lakes Road. It’s a great spot to see Eagle River area landmarks from the water, many of which are resorts. Speaking of …

Lodging with a view

Falling asleep to the peaceful sounds of the lake is hard to beat. Maybe waking up next to the lake is better. That might be because you’ve got the joy of knowing there’s another fun day on the Chain coming up. It’s personal preference. But the only way to get it is by finding overnight accommodations.

Several resorts around Eagle Lake have made quite a name for themselves. Eagle Waters Resort has become a go-to destination for overnighters, diners, and weddings. On the north side of Eagle Lake rests Peaceful Pines Resort, which as the name suggests, offers travelers a serene experience with a variety of lodging options that include rustic cabins.

If you’d like to stay in a beautiful house on a lake, check out one of the Hiller Vacation Homes in the area. From small cabins to luxury homes, there’s a vacation home for virtually any budget and on almost every lake on the Chain. Over on Cranberry Lake, Chain O’ Lakes Camping Resort provides various forms of lodging from RV sites to deluxe cabin rentals.

If you’d like to do a little research on where to stay on the Chain, we’ve supplied you with this handy “on the chain” lodging search to help make it a little easier for you.

Get Yourself on the chain

The Eagle River Chain of Lakes is one of the biggest reasons visitors want to come back every year. With dozens of activities to choose while on the lake and hundreds of fun options to check out on the shores, it’s easy to see why. We can’t wait to see you on the Chain again real soon.

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