Only in Eagle River – Chain of Lakes

There are a lot of lakes in the world to choose to spend your time. There are 10s of thousands of them just in Wisconsin. Hundreds of them have views and activities that are worth writing home about.

And yet the Eagle River can offer something that no other place on Earth can: The World’s Largest Chain of Freshwater Lakes.

The 28 connected lakes between Eagle River and Three Lakes make up a small portion of the 1,318 lakes in Vilas county, but the opportunities they offer are difficult to match. It has all the favorite lake activities you love doing—boating, fishing, ice fishing (in winter), kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, paddling, swimming—but it also comes with some things that you can only do in Eagle River.

Because the lakes are connected, it’s not unrealistic to visit a dozen lakes in one day. Now, we wouldn’t recommend such quick visits to these incredible bodies of water, but it makes for a fun story! And chances are that if you pull off the feat, you are in a pretty fast boat or in really good shape.

Go out onto the chain with a historian and you’ll learn about an area steeped in history. Bill’s Guide Service and Scenic Boat Tours can take you by old boat houses, glamorous cabins, and share stories of the VIPs who’ve frequented the shorelines. These stories only exist because of the natural beauty of the chain that lured them in the first place. So don’t forget to take in all the sights.

Pirate Ship

The chain of lakes is separated by the Burnt Rollways Boat Hoist. So what does that mean? Adventure! Going up 165 feet to the Three Lakes side or down 165 feet to the Eagle River side of the chain is a fun diversion worthy of the small fee. There aren’t many places in Wisconsin that offer an experience like this.

While out on the water, you might even see a pirate ship. Shiver me timbers! But not to worry, this ship from Pirate’s Hideaway is sailing the friendly seas and isn’t interested in making you walk the plank.

Besides spending time on the water, you can take in lake views from our extensive trail systems and routes. Are the views better than somewhere else? We couldn’t say. But when we’re taking in a gorgeous sunset on a calm lake, there isn’t anywhere else we’d rather be.

For more information about the Eagle River Chain of Lakes and other water activities the area offers, check out the link: We can’t wait to see you out on the water!