What’s the Catch?

Ice can be a great addition to any drink. Turns out it can be a great addition to our lakes too. When conditions are right and lakes freeze over in our neck of the woods, it means it’s time for ice fishing!

Why do people come back to the Eagle River area year in and year out to fish in the winter? Some say the fish taste better. Others want the thrill of the catch. Many are looking for a quiet respite to think about life. Our take? We’re pretty sure the thing that brings them back each year is time spent with family and friends out on the ice.

When you go ice fishing on the World’s Largest Chain of 28 Connected Lakes, you can be sure that there’s plenty of room for you and your crew to find your spot. Lakes off the chain are always available to ice fish on too. Check out this information on which lake to drop your line.

Whether you’ve been ice fishing our lakes for decades or have never even seen a tip-up (or know what a tip-up is!), the Eagle River area is the place to continue or start this frosty tradition.

Need a Line?

We can hook you up. Whether you’re new to the area or it’s an annual tradition, we have the fishing guide for you. Local guides know how to pair the type of fish you’re looking to catch and the lakes you’ll find them on.

Depending on the fish you’re going after, you’ll have to drop your line in deep or shallow water, or fish earlier or later in the day. During mid-day, the deepest water in the lake is where you’ll find most fish. However, walleye fishers will have the best chance for a catch in the evenings with sucker minnows or golden shiners under tip-ups. Northern action also has been great this year using large shiners or pike suckers during the afternoon. Panfish can be difficult to get to at the start and end of ice fishing season due to access in areas they’re typically found, such as deep water for crappies.

No matter what fish you’re angling for, it’ll take a bit of patience and an extra layer or two to stay warm. The insider tips that our local guides provide often extend beyond fishing. They also know some of the best places to warm up in town.

Eat. Drink. Relax.

Now that you’ve weathered the elements and caught some photo-worthy fish, you’ll need to head inside to warm up. Whether you’re looking to stay overnight, or grab a bite to eat, we know just the spot.

From private cabins to luxury lake homes, we’ve got comfort covered. Direct access to the lakes keeps things convenient for you and your group to get back out there the next day. If you aren’t already full of fish, you can refuel with delicious food and drink at various restaurants—including sports bars, wine bars, cafés and more. Of course, everything is served with a heavy dose of Northwood’s hospitality.

Bundle Up for Ice Fishing

Ice is on the lakes. The fish are hungry. All we need is you. From guides to help you land that big catch to the cozy places to warm up afterwards, we have you covered like the snow on the ground in February. It shouldn’t be too difficult to bait your friends and family to head over to Eagle River this winter! Memories on the ice are waiting to be made.

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