Dashing Through the Snow

You won’t be in a one-horse open sleigh, but Eagle River has the key ingredients for fun winter excursions: snow and trails. Whether you prefer the motor of a snowmobile or your own power to cross country ski, there’s snow place like Eagle River.

Rev Your Engines

Snowmobiling allows visitors access to see nearly 100 miles of scenic environments and Eagle River sights. Referred to as the Eagle River “500” when connected with all the groomed trails in Vilas County, it’s no wonder the area has been dubbed the Snowmobile Capital of the World®.

Nature can be experienced at almost any speed when on a snowmobile. And because snowmobilers are able to cover a lot of ground, many like to check out new restaurants and stopping areas on their outings, while also returning to favorite establishments just off the trails.

You might notice some new signs on the trails. Trail Intersection Numbering System (TINS) signs are being instituted to help promote safety. In the event of an emergency on the trail, snowmobilers can more easily provide the location to first responders who need to come out to the trail. Check out more about how TINS works here.

Need to buy or rent a snowmobile or snowmobile gear? These area businesses can lend a hand:

Sightsee While You Ski

Many of the same trails used for hiking and biking in the warmer months transform into wonderful winter trails for cross-country skiing. Tap into mankind’s past by strapping on some skis, bundling up, and swinging those legs and arms while traversing the snow through miles of wooded areas and around lakes.

And don’t forget to look around! Cross-country skiing offers a chance to connect with nature while getting good exercise. If you look carefully, it’s not unusual to find wildlife moving about or attempting to blend into the snowy backdrop.

Visitors who forgot their skiing gear at home or need to rent some in the Eagle River area are in luck! Check out some of these local rental shops that have a variety of silent sporting gear to choose from.

Trail Time

Thanks to our annual snowfall and some dedicated volunteers, Eagle River has the winter trail for you. We hope to see you on a cross-country ski trail or snowmobile trail this winter Be safe, consider becoming a volunteer yourself, and have fun!

Snowmobiling: Be Prepared

Are you ready for snowmobiling Eagle River’s trails this winter?

Check out our video to make sure you’ve got what you need for your next snowmobile expedition, like a 2021 trail pass! Also, take time to review common snowmobile hand signals to help keep our trails safe for everyone to enjoy.

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