Hockey Capital of Wisconsin™

We sure know a thing or two about hockey. Maybe it’s because we’re pretty close to Canada, or that the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame is located here, or it could be the chain of lakes where we play pickup games all winter long, or maybe it’s the hundreds of people that come year after year for the Pond Hockey National Championships.

While a lot of our residents like to lace up, drop a puck and take a shot or two, our hockey history runs a lot deeper than a local love of the game.

Home to the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame, Eagle River is where to find our state’s best hockey memorabilia and honors of its 69 inductees. The Eagle River Sports Arena has been housing the Hall of Fame since 1975; but long before that, the arena held a history of its own for its notable dome shape, constructed by local volunteer carpenters and towns people. Built in 1933, the arena was designed to promote winter tourism in the area and is now recognized by the Wisconsin Registry of Historic Places.

But even with this large arena, the demand for ice time wasn’t satisfied. So after years of raising funds, reconstruction and additions, the arena built a second Olympic-sized rink and roof over it in the fall/winter of 1995-1996

But we don’t just play indoors. For 13 years, Eagle River has been home to the Pond Hockey National Championships. With the number of lakes we have, some would say it’s a no brainer that we’d play host to the 300 teams and over 2,000 competitors from all over the United States. Every year, the Eagle River Fire Department creates 30 specially marked rinks for the tournament. But the competition isn’t the only thing that keeps the players and spectators coming back for more. Families and friends also love to stay for the area’s other winter recreational activities like snowmobiling and cross country skiing on beautiful Northwoods trails. Game on!

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