Learn How Eagle River Makes Those Pristine Snowmobile Trails

A Q&A with Sno-Eagle Trail Boss Brian Scheid

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The Eagle River area is known as the Snowmobile Capital of the World® for good reason. It hosts the internationally renowned World Championship Snowmobile Derby every January. It’s home to the World Snowmobile Headquarters. And the area boasts more than 500 miles of trails open to any local or tourist with a trail pass.

And while snowmobile enthusiasts hope for snow to allow for their favorite winter pastime (Eagle River averages about 76 inches of snow during the season), there is another important step in molding those world class snowmobile trails: hardworking volunteers and club members of Sno-Eagles.

Brian Scheid, the trail boss of Sno-Eagles, answered some commonly asked questions in a recent video interview with the Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce. He talks about when he and other groomers tend to the trails each week, some of the natural sights he sees on the trails, safety tips for snowmobilers on the trails, where to get a trail pass, and ways to support Sno-Eagles and snowmobiling in Wisconsin.

While Brian is out grooming trails for your enjoyment, you might want to check out some Eagle River businesses that can make your snowmobiling experience a memorable one:

We hope you enjoy the insider video. And we hope to see you in our neck of the woods on a snowmobile this winter!

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