Snow Time Like the Present

Still looking for that perfect gift this holiday season? Maybe it’s because you aren’t in the right frame of mind. Let’s see if this helps:

You wake up in a cozy cabin with your loved one or family. The sunlight dances off a fresh coat of snow on the ground. Instead of shoveling the snow, you hop on a sled and ride through wooded trails and across frozen lakes. After a day of play, you feast on a hot meal and a tasty beverage at a supper club. Crackling wood in the fireplace is the soundtrack as you snuggle under a blanket before bed.

Relaxed? Good. Now start thinking about gift ideas again. Or… get started planning your holiday trip to Eagle River!

Snowmobiling on the 500

A holiday trip to Eagle River doesn’t require snowmobiling. But when in Rome… In this particular case, you’ll want to at least consider what all the snowmobiling fuss is about.

And it’s not really hard to explain why Eagle River is the Snowmobile Capital of the World® once you hit the meticulously maintained trails. The Eagle River “500” is actually nearly 600 miles of interconnected trails that connect area towns and businesses. There are sections that allow riders to fly down an open straightaway, while other portions provide more wooded bends that are perfect for throttling down to enjoy the sites.

The “500” is groomed regularly by the fine folks who volunteer with Sno-Eagles and other clubs. The trails up here are often regarded as one of the best marked snowmobile systems in the state to make it easy for navigating – perfect for experienced or novice riders. You’ll want to know when to peel off the trail to fuel yourself up.

Rider Approved Pit Stops

While snowmobiling isn’t likely to burn as many calories as cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, anyone riding the “500” is going to need a place to stop for food. Families and larger groups looking for a more casual dining experience on their holiday travel can consider an array of bars and grills to tank up. If it’s a getaway for two, more romantic options in one of the area’s supper clubs might be more desirable.

Overnight Decisions

Being up north isn’t just a place on a map, it’s often a state of mind. As the natural world permeates life in the Eagle River area, there’s often a draw to lodging that blends into the trees and frozen lakes. Some overnight favorites for snowmobilers include Pitlik’s Sand Beach Resort and Eagle Waters Resort.

There are some fantastic cottages, homes, and resorts to choose from this season that are both on and off the beaten path. And if you’d rather plan your trip around a stay in a hotel, motel, or condo, then the area has you covered there, too. Whether it’s a family trip for 20 or a romantic trip for two, the perfect holiday vacation housing is available.

An Eagle River Gift

The Eagle River area is blessed with the gift of snow every winter. It’s hard to predict exactly when or how much snow will fall, but there’s no doubt the landscape and trails will be covered this season. Much like our annual snow, your loved ones have an expectation this season, too – a gift! And the perfect one might just be in our neck of the woods.

Unwrapping an Eagle River winter experience is not only a great way to spend time together with family, it’s also a wonderful way to create lasting memories and new traditions.

*- Make sure the ice is safe to walk on before engaging in any on-lake activities.

An Ice Castle History Lesson

If your holiday trip takes place in January, you’ll want to check out the Eagle River Ice Castle! Watch our Field Notes video if you want to be an expert on the nearly 90-year tradition.

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