Spring Planning Means Summer Relaxing

Those perfect blue-sky days seem like they’ll never end in summer. But they’ll be gone before you know it. The best way to take advantage of everything up in Eagle River when the weather’s its warmest is to start planning your trip now.

First things first, you’ve got to plan your angle. Like angling. Yeah, we’re known for fishing up here. But there’s so much more to check out on the water and on land. When the sun is up, we’ve got you covered like the shade of a centuries-old coniferous forest. Things tend to really heat up around our popular summer events. You might want to plan your next Eagle River trip around one, so let’s start there.

Summer Events: Wine, Burgers, Beer, Arts, Cars and Trucks!

We know you probably can’t stay up in our neck of the woods all summer, so we put together a list of fun events you can attend while you are here:

For more information on these events, check out this article: https://eagleriver.org/discover-events/.

Things’ll Be Great When You’re …

Downtown! You might’ve noticed that a lot of our summer events are in the downtown of Eagle River. We don’t like to brag, but the Eagle River Downtown has blossomed into a must-see main street in recent years. New businesses and restaurants have brought new life and excitement for locals and visitors alike.

Yes, there will be a great place to eat and trendy spot to shop when you’re walking the streets. And if you purchase something in the month of April, be sure to bring your receipt to the Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce at a chance to win $25 in chamber bucks in a weekly raffle.

The downtown area also hosts a variety of diverse events for all types, with many of the local shops taking part in sidewalk sales. Forget all your troubles; forget all your cares … go downtown!

Lake and Lake Adjacent Activities

The largest connected chain of 28 freshwater lakes—along with hundreds of others—bring all the lovers of lake life to the Eagle River area. From on the water activities like fishing and boating to shoreline and woods excursions. It’s easy to get lost in the great outdoors while spending time with friends and family.

For every species of fish that swims our waters, we can accommodate an outdoors activity preference. So what would you like to do? Silent sports like paddle boarding or biking? Motorsports that get your heart pumping like ATVing or motor-based activities like pontoon boating at a leisurely pace? Whatever it is, we’ve got the water, trail, route, or rental shop (e.g., The Toy Shop, Track Side, Boat Sport Marine, and Your Boat Club Eagle River) to make your choice a reality.

Start Planning Your Summer Trip

Don’t wait too long to get your Northwoods vacation on the calendar. Planning your summer vacation shouldn’t be a panic-inducing activity Memorial Day weekend. While there’s always room for you in the great outdoors or the downtown, there’s only so much lodging available, especially around big events! We look forward to seeing you this summer.



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