Trailblaze Eagle River

The setting:

You’re on a densely wooded trail in the center of the Northwoods; the fresh, forest air whips at your helmet and the summer sun beams down on your back. You push the thumb throttle on your ATV and lean forward, shifting your weight as you wind along the lush trail. You glance to your left and spot a shimmering lake peeking out between the underbrush where an eagle is swooping down to catch its lunch.

If you’re not familiar with the above experience, then odds are you’ve never been ATVing in Eagle River. Any avid explorer of Eagle River’s vast system of ATV and UTV routes would say you’re missing out. And here in Eagle River, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun.

Fortunately, the Vilas County paved and dirt routes, as well as area trails, are open and ready for you to put in some seat time.

Connecting the Vilas County communities of Eagle River, Conover, Land O’ Lakes, Phelps, Forest County, St. Germain, Oneida County and the UP of Michigan, there’s 70 miles of paved and dirt routes that run along county highways. If you prefer not to follow the beaten path, 40 percent of the ATV and UTV pathways are unpaved forest trails filled with awe-inspiring nature, including many of Eagle River’s sparkling lakes and critters that roam the woodlands.

For the more experienced rider, the trails are ripe for exploring. Thanks to Landover ATV Club, Inc., the ATV and UTV routes are maintained so you can enjoy a seamless ride. Just make sure to follow route and trail signage throughout the county! The mix of forest and paved surface trails cut through the spectacular heart of the Northwoods, ensuring breathtaking views of Eagle River.

If you’re new to ATVing, be sure to take it slow and easy. Safety is key – so we recommend taking some time with our experts at Toy Shop of Eagle River LLC. Not only will they make sure you’ve got the correct helmet, boots, goggles and ATV or UTV, they’ll set you well on your way to safely navigating the area. If you’re not interested to fully-committing to your own equipment, they’ll also help you out with rentals for the whole family.

If you need a break from riding, hop off and stop for a minute or two to watch an eagle fly over North Twin Lake or spy a fish jumping out of the river between Yellow Birch Lake and Watersmeet Lake.

After a long day of taking in all of the scenery, you can ride up to plenty of Eagle River’s grills and diners to share a home cooked meal and travel stories.

Don’t miss out. Hit the trails Up North, inhale all the crisp air and take in the landscape. Bragging isn’t our style, so we’ll let your experience of Up North – Down to Earth™ speak for itself.

Plan your ATV/UTV adventure here.

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