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An ATV traverses a trail through a forested area with lush greenery and tall trees under a partly cloudy sky.

Routes and Stops You Want to See

More than 70 miles of ATV/UTV routes in the Eagle River area can lead to lots of fun. There's something exhilarating about zipping through...
A boat moves across a lake surrounded by trees under a partly cloudy sky.

Living Life on the Chain

You might've heard that the Eagle River area is home to the Largest Chain of 28 Connected Freshwater Lakes®. You heard right. And we...
Person zip-lining over a forested lake under a cloudy sky.

Up North, On the Move

The Northwoods is known for its lakes and the activities you can do on-or in-them. And it turns out that tourists looking for active,...
Two people sitting on a wooden dock overlooking a serene lake during sunset.

Spring Planning Means Summer Relaxing

Those perfect blue-sky days seem like they'll never end in summer. But they'll be gone before you know it. The best way to take...
Two women shopping in a store with a lot of gear.

March In(doors) to Eagle River

Spring weather can be a bit unpredictable in our neck of the woods. While outdoor winter activities are melting away with any remaining snow...

What’s the Catch?

Ice can be a great addition to any drink. Turns out it can be a great addition to our lakes too. When conditions are...

Men(t) to be in Eagle River

Men(t) to be in Eagle River There's something about being Up North that brings out the beard, flannel, and angler side of everyone. Especially men. And it kind...
Ice Castle

Only in Eagle River – The Eagle River Ice Castle

Only in Eagle River – The Eagle River Ice Castle Since 1933 What's 20 feet tall, weighs 75 tons, lights up the night sky, and has thousands of people take photos next...

Northwoods Holiday Season

Northwoods Holiday Season The weather turns cold and the snow starts flying around our neck of the woods every holiday season. Many folks embrace the...

Only in Eagle River – World Snowmobile Headquarters

There's only one World Snowmobile Headquarters on the planet … and it's in Eagle River. It's a big reason why Eagle River is the...
Cottages, Homes & Resorts

It’s an Up North Romance

It’s an Up North Romance Cooler autumn weather is perfect for cozying up to the fire or the love of your life. And there aren't many (read:...

Only in Eagle River – Eddie B’s White Spruce

Almost anyone who walks into Eddie B's White Spruce Restaurant & Tavern will get the feeling that this Eagle River restaurant is more than...

Only in Eagle River – Eagle Waters Resort

Immersed in beauty and history, the land and settlements on it-now known as Eagle Waters Resort-is a place that needs to be experienced to...

Fall’ing Up North

Fall’ing Up North That Up North autumn feeling just seems to bring alive all the senses. The crisp air tantalizes the skin. Colorful leaves dazzle...

Only in Eagle River – National Championship Musky Open

There are thousands of fishing tournaments throughout the year and dozens that feature musky trophies. But there's one amateur musky event that has the...

This is THE Eagle River Pastime

This is THE Eagle River Pastime There are many reasons to visit our neck of the woods. Idyllic forest backdrops. Clean, fresh air. Winter sports like snowmobiling. But...