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January 20, 2018 – 7:56am

All Snowmobile Trails Are Open

Wide variety of conditions on the trails Trails remain in FAIR to GOOD condition in town.  West FAIR to GOOD.  As you head north, south or east trails get better & better.  GOOD to VERY GOOD.  There are EXCELLENT trails far out east south & north, in the woods.  Temperatures have popped up be up ’til Sunday.  Weather guys are saying overcast so that will help the situation.  Then SNOW moving in Sunday night into Monday. Could be a big SNOW.  No totals yet.  Stay tuned. Time to get out & ride!

Plenty of SNOW on the trails it is soft so might find your sled track slipping and the back end of your sled a bit squirrelly.  Have not been out myself the last 2 days as volunteering at the Derby so I’m relying on trustworthy riders that help me out.

Grooming last night included nearly the entire Sno-Eagles Trails system again.  A few spurs were not groomed.  Thanks drivers.  Remember give them 2 thumbs up.  Also pull over so they can get by you.  The equipment is not designed to go off trail.  As riders if we go in & get stuck the groomers can pull us out.  Not the same if we had to try to pull them out.

  • Trail 1N logging operation continues in the section between the Town of Washington Town Hall & Eagle Lake.  Clearly marked with signs.
  • Wisconsin River Trail – 10W/13N  & Manske Swamp – 3N are being groomed off & on. There are rough spots but it is frozen tight. All SNOW covered.  Off & on sunny today so slush will probably be present. Do not leave the trail to be safe.

Catfish Lake Loop & Eagle Lake Trails are now both marked and officially open.  Please stay by the barrels to be safe.  Very hard surface.  Again with the sun surface slush might be present.  Reminder the Catfish Lake Loop to Lumpy’s is NO LONGER a trail.  

If you are riding zip on over to the “grade” to check out the 2018 Eagle River Area Fire Department ICE CASTLE!!!!  Located adjacent to the downtown “grade” trail by the Historic Railroad Grade.  The lights installed change colors. Ice benches as part of the Castle let you take photos of your group.  Check out this link Eagle River Ice Castle to check out more photos.  Darn pretty!  Holding up well in the warm up.

Derby racing action continues at the World Championship Track today.  Racing starts at 9:00-9:30am  For more information check out 

THINK COLD & Keep Dancin’!

See ya on the trails!

Holly Tomlanovich
Communications Chair
Sno-Eagles, Inc.
Phone Trail Updates 715.479.5185
 Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club

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January – Every Wednesday & Thursday – Sno-Eagles Guided Trail Ride.  Meet at the Historic Railroad Depot on Trail 13 in town at 9am. All are welcome.

  • Jan 18-21 – World Championship Snowmobile Derby
  • Jan 26-28 – Women on Snow
  • January 27 – Saturday Night Out, Nutty Squirrel
  • Jan 31 – Feb 2 – Weekday Ride-A-Way

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