Down to Discover: Area Forests

If you didn’t already know, part of the Chequamegon-National Forest is located in Eagle River. Spanning over a million and a half acres, the forest which was once two national forests, offers visitors every kind of Northwoods experience you could ask for.

Since merging together in 1993, the Chequamegon-National Forest is managed by two headquarters under the USDA. The area is part of a great conservation effort to restore the Northwoods forests after being used for timber for over a century. Side note: If you’re looking to learn more about Eagle River’s timber history, pay a visit to the Eagle River Historical Society. Due to the regrowth, this is considered a young forest, but restoration efforts have provided a beautifully dense area for visitors to admire and enjoy responsibly.

You want trails? Look no further. Inside the forest, you’ll find 235 miles of snowmobile trails, 81 miles of hiking and cross-country ski trails, and 15 miles of wilderness trails. There’s also camping, dog-friendly areas, stunning fall colors, swimming and so much more to fill your days.

One favorite day trip for visitors and locals alike is taking a spin on the Anvil Lake Trail. Whether you’re biking, cross-country skiing, birdwatching, snowshoeing or hiking, this 12-mile trail offers groomed terrain, trail markers, and spectacular forest views. Find parking south of Hwy 70 just past Military Rd. and get started on your adventure.

If you’re a fan of our Northwoods and want to see them preserved for generations, get to know Trees for Tomorrow. This environmental education center features field-based programs to help promote the sustainable management of our natural resources. Their fun and educational experiences teach future generations how be stewards of nature.