Drives, chips, and hole-in-ones

The noise a golf ball makes when hitting the bottom of a cup is a great sound. Whether you’re on a 4-star, 18-hole course or a miniature golf course, finishing a hole with that audible reward is worth any number of swings it takes to get there.

Doing so with the surrounding natural beauty of our forests and landscapes only adds to the splendor.

Eagle River Golf Course (established 1923) has been around longer than Eagle River has been a city (incorporated in 1937). Families looking to get young children involved in golf can visit a variety of miniature golf courses in the area, many of which include other fun children’s activities.


Whether you’re on the lake, on a trail, or on a golf course, the beautiful natural landscape in our neck of the woods just seems to add more appeal for these activities than anywhere else. Take for instance the Eagle River Golf Course.

There’s something about teeing off toward a forest of pines that adds a dual sense of adventure and calm to the game. You might even find yourself yelling “fore!” at wildlife that happens to cross your fairway.

Seasoned golfers looking for a challenge can find one at Eagle River Golf Course. Yet, the scenery of the wooded, watered, and carefully groomed course is perfect for beginners, as well. A fully stocked gift shop ensures golfers of all abilities will have the right gear to play a round. The course pro can provide a lesson to improve your game, too.


The family-centric nature of miniature golf is the perfect way for parents and children to enjoy some time away from the lake or trail. The Eagle River area is long on the short game with three different mini golf destinations.

Kartway not only has its own mini golf course, but it also has a variety of go karts, bumper cars, a bouncy house, saddle horses and ziplines to keep everyone entertained.

Elmer’s Fun Park added mini golf to its list of activities in 2016. West of Eagle River, the park also includes bumper boats, go karts, and saddle horses.

Eagle Falls Adventure Golf and Laser Tag has a fishing cabin-themed mini golf course, complete with bait shop, fishing dock, waterfalls, ponds, and fountains. A 3,000-square-foot indoor laser tag arena makes for a good rainy-day activity.

Golfing the Northwoods

When it comes to golf, Eagle River has the course for you. Afterall, playing within our gorgeous, wooded backdrops makes for a good time. It doesn’t matter if you play 18 holes every weekend or have never picked up a club, from the Eagle River Golf Course to one of several miniature golf stops, our little slice of heaven is sure to have some links you will appreciate.

Golf In Eagle River

Sure, you’re bound to hear things like “eagle” and “hook” on the golf course. But did someone just chip in for 2-under par or did they spot an eagle flying overhead?

Learn some golf lingo that has a decidedly Eagle River influence in the most recent Field Notes video.

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