Hiking and Biking Favorites

Choosing a favorite trail can be like picking a favorite child. They’re all so incredible we love them equally! While it might be impossible to definitively say one trail is better than another, we want to share some of the trails that truly shine in specific categories.

Hiking and biking trails in Eagle River offer peace and tranquility with gorgeous views, but each one has its own unique feel and backdrop. Some trails make for better hiking excursions than biking trips; just like some trails are specifically designed for a fun biking experience. So if you don’t have time to research all our trails ahead of time, feel free to check out some of our suggested trails below.

City Connector

Many trails in the area are self-contained around a specific lake or in a national forest. There are also trail systems that make it easy to span a larger swath of land (see below). One of the most traveled trails connects the communities of Eagle River and Three Lakes – the Three Eagle Trail.

The trailhead in Eagle River is just south of the Dairy Queen and follows a crushed limestone path along the former Chicago & Northwestern Railroad before going through a mix of open land and forest that includes a 660-foot boardwalk. The landscape includes woodlands and wetlands as hikers and cyclists across mostly flat and gently rolling terrain.

All Day Trail System

The Anvil Lake Trail and Nicolet North Trails are two of the larger trail systems in the area. And they are connected to each other!

Anvil Lake Trail includes varied terrain from mostly level (beginner) all the way to hilly (expert). The different loops are appropriately marked to alert trail-goers what kind of landscapes they’ll encounter. This 12-mile trail is part of the National Recreation Trail System and includes a designated watchable wildlife area.

The Nicolet North Trails are part of the Nicolet National Forest and connect to the Anvil Lake Trail by way of the Butternut Trail. You might want to bring a map with you for this one, as different loops within the 15-mile trail include the Pat Shay, Blue 22, Logging Road, Easy Three, Mostly Up, and Narrow Gauge, among others.

Yes, it can be easy to spend all day trotting or pedaling through all these trails to the east of Eagle River.


Bring Your Camera

The loop around Shannon Lake Trail is a great spot to capture some natural beauty. The entire trail measures about 7 miles, so be sure you’ve got seasoned hiking boots if you’re on foot. Considered beginner/easy, about half the trail runs through areas logged in 1976 and 2000. You wouldn’t be the first to take a photo from the bench on the southwest end of the lake.

Getting Wild

Offering a lengthy, rolling terrain, the Snipe Lake & Ewald Lake Trails are a great place to view wildlife. In fact, hunters will use the trails to look for game. For those interested in observing only, the trails provide a variety of wildlife habitats and timber types. These trails are great for birding, so bring along the binoculars and see how many species of birds you can find.

Gear Up

Need a bike?  Your Boat Club rents, repairs and sells everything for your biking needs.  Need a bag or canteen for a 3-hour hike? The Eagle River area has lots of shops to help you on your way. The Hiker Box is a great option to gear up and get some hiking knowledge.

The Choice is Yours: Hike or Pedal

Or do both! There’s no easy way to rank the trails from first to worst; reality is that every trail brings something special.

With hundreds of acres of public land and dozens of miles of trails, the Eagle River area is the perfect place to explore the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for an easy stroll in the woods or a hilly mountain biking experience, the area can cater to your requests. See you on a trail in Eagle River soon!