Eagle River: North of the Blue Line

The Eagle River area is steeped in ice hockey history. It’s home to the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame, host of the Adult Pond Hockey National Championships (postponed until February 2022), and one of the state’s oldest and most iconic arenas – the Eagle River Sports Arena, aka The Dome. Yeah, we guess you could say we know a thing or two about lacing up the skates, pulling on a sweater and lighting the lamp with a top shelf clapper. It’s no surprise people call us the Hockey Capital of Wisconsin™.

Hockey on the Pond

The sport was developed on frozen natural bodies of water. Some swear it’s the best version of hockey that exists. With dozens of lakes that freeze over during winter, the Eagle River area is an idyllic place to get a pickup hockey game going.

Depending on the type of game, all you really need to play is a pair of skates, a stick, and a puck. Be sure that the ice is thick enough to bear weight and isn’t a favorite spot for ice anglers; thin or hole-filled ice wouldn’t be a fun place to play! You might want to bring a shovel and broom along to help clear any snow for a pickup game amongst friends.

And while the annual Adult Pond Hockey Championships are a year away, amateur pond hockey players have found Eagle River to be more than an accommodating host.

The Dome and the H.O.F.

The Eagle River Sports Arena was first opened in 1925. An indoor arena with a rink was quite the marvel in northern Wisconsin at the time. In fact, it was the first indoor ice hockey arena in the state. The shape of its roof quickly led to its widely accepted nickname of The Dome. It’s so iconic that it is listed on the Wisconsin Registry of Historic Places.

Since being built, the arena has gone through a number of extensive renovations to remain usable. Most recently, it’s won money for building updates through national promotions. It’s in use by the local high school team, the Eagle River Recreation Association youth leagues, and the semi-pro Falcons.

In addition, the Eagle River Sports Arena houses the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame. The stories and artifacts of more than 100 inductees who have helped positively shape the sport are kept in the hall of fame.

Don’t Be a Duster

There’s no better time than to get off the bench and into the game. The Eagle River area has the frozen ponds and the indoor arena for all your hockey needs. So what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in Wisconsin hockey history or play a game up here with us soon!

Pond Hockey: The Essentials

The best part about pond hockey is that the refreshment cooler is right next to the rink in a snowbank! Watch the video to get ready for what next year’s Adult Pond Hockey Championships have in store. Only about 360 days to go!

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