Featured Snowmobile Ride – Kimball Creek Run

When it comes to the trails in the Snowmobile Capital of the World®, the Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club are the experts and proud groomers of 80 miles of world class trials. One of the favorites, according to longtime Sno-Eagles member Holly Tomlanovich, is the Kimball Creek Run, a 60+ mile ride takes you through some of Eagle River’s best twists and turns with stops at local establishments and tons of sights to see. Always check the trail conditions before heading out and remember to plan accordingly for the weather.

Start from the Historic Railroad Depot Museum and when you reach the Snowmobile Snow Sculpture in downtown Eagle River head south on what locals call “the grade,” trail 10/13 to ALT 13. From there, take a short ride to take a left at Willow Road which is trail 10E.

Trail 10E becomes a one-way trail as you approach the Eagle River Sports Arena (also known as “The Dome”). If you’re riding on a weekend, you can stop in to catch a hockey game or visit the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame and see why we are the Hockey Capital of Wisconsin™  before you really get going on your trail ride.

Continuing east Trail 10 is a one-way trail until you reach Nobbe’s North Cenex. Along the way there you’ll come across the historic Chanticleer Inn and supper club to fuel yourself up. You’ll also need to fuel up your vehicle upon arriving at Nobbe’s North Cenex, because the next gas station is over 40 miles down the trail in Three Lakes.

Leaving Nobbe’s North Cenex, the trail returns to a two-way trail all the way up to the Three Lakes Trail 10 connect. This section of trail is very wooded and takes you through the Anvil Lake Campground located in the Chequamanon/Nicolet National Forest. Here you can often catch glimpses of eagles that call this area home.

Trail 8, also known as the Kimball Creek Trail, takes you south all the way to Chicken in the Woods Road to Hwy 32. Make sure the trails you decide to take from here are marked and safe to ride on. Because of fluctuating weather, trails like Big Stone Trail may or may not be marked and prepared during the time of your ride. As you head west, the trail takes you past the historic Big Stone Golf Course on your ride to the Sunset Grill that overlooks Big Stone Lake.

From there, cross the road at Sunset Grill continuing on Three Lakes Trail 8. The first section of Three Lakes Trail 8 is an airport in the summer months. Take Three Lakes Trail 8 until it intersects with Corridor 13 at Javenkowski Road. Make sure you go straight ahead (west) into Corridor 13. You’ll know you are on the correct trail as there will be blue corridor shields with the number 13 on them.

Corridor 13 will swing north as you ride toward Three Lakes. This is the beginning of “the grade” that will take you back to Eagle River. When you get to Three Lakes, stop at the Three Lakes Winery for a little taste or pick up a bottle to bring back home with you. From there, cross County HWY A and pick up Trail 13 that heads due north. Be sure to go north at the Rice Lake Rd crossing. This is the beginning of Trail ALT 13. Enjoy straight railroad grade stretches, woods riding, a road crossing of Mud Creek and plenty of different riding experiences on this stretch back to Eagle River.

For a little bit more history, look to your right as you cross Mud Creek and you’ll see the remnants of a railroad bridge that once crossed Mud Creek when the railroad still ran to Eagle River. From there, you’ll ride back onto the grade where your ride will be only a short distance back to your starting point. Just in time for a meal at Friendship House directly across from the Historic Railroad Depot Museum.

Plan your trip to Eagle River to explore for yourself, or take a guided trail ride.

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