Fishing Heats Up in Late Summer

Gone fishin’ is a lifestyle that focuses less on what’s caught and more about the experiences out on the water. While some fish are good for eating or mounting, it’s really the stories from the lake that anglers tell years later that last a lifetime. And there is a lifetime of fishing memories in the Eagle River area.

Many fish will hide away during the afternoon summer sun, but those mornings and evenings are fine fishing in Eagle River right before – and into – the fall. From experienced anglers to first-time casters, the area has a nearly endless stream of fishing spots (almost literally). In addition to our chain of 28 connected freshwater lakes, there are hundreds of other lakes in Vilas County and the surrounding area teeming with fish.

The Fish

The stars of the lake show are the trophies, especially musky. This alpha predator dines on virtually anything within striking distance when it’s hungry, except humans. Although some anglers might tell you otherwise! The ultimate freshwater gamefish, the musky often grows 2 feet long and longer, with the largest ever recorded more than 6 feet. There’s a reason many refer to it as the “fish of a thousand casts.”

Walleye, northern, bass, bluegill, panfish, and crappies are other native fish that are plentiful in the area. These fish aren’t always easy to catch, but often pale in comparison to the challenge of reeling in a musky. These other fish tend to be tastier than musky, although that’s all preference. There are other fish species lurking our waters, too.

The Guides

Whether you’ve been fishing for decades or just picked up your first reel and rod, the Eagle River area has helpful fishing guides that can help point you in the right direction of a trophy fish or at worst, a good fishing experience.

Most of our guides have been on our lakes for many years and understand the patterns of where specific species of fish are and which ones are biting. After all, each species of fish has its preference of bait, water depth, and lake location depending on the season.

Good fishing guides use their own familiarity and couple it with the knowledge of other anglers from that year to piece together the best fishing experiences for the customers they take out on the lake.

If you plan your next trip soon, one of our guides might even be able to provide a few pointers before the National Championship Musky Open in Eagle River (if you’re already registered). There is still time to register in person at tournament headquarters on the Vilas County Fairgrounds.

Time to Reel One (or More) In!

If you haven’t gotten your fishing license yet, now is the time. The end of summer is near and fall fishing is an angler’s paradise in the Northwoods. The Eagle River area has the lakes, the fish, and the guides to make your next fishing experience the one you tell all your friends and family about for a lifetime.

Rate Your Trophy

Not all fish are created equal. Some are easier to catch than others. How does that bluegill you just caught compare to a walleye? Watch our trophy scale video to find out!

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