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It’s finally that time. Opening day is this Saturday and it is shaping up to be potentially the nicest opening day in a number of years. The ice is off a large portion of the lakes in the area now with the big lakes most likely going to lose their ice by opening morning. Weather is looking to be in the 60s with no rain in the forecast.

PERCH – Right now on most lakes the perch have moved in shallow to spawn. Once you find them along the shoreline you can literally sit there for hours catching them one after another. Just a simple slip bobber and a Crappie minnow is all you need. If you’re not big on the live bait any small plastic on a hook will work. Tickle Tails, Crappie scrubs and small tubes will all catch them. You will get everything mixed in with the perch right now too. Walleyes, northern‘s, bass and an occasional Musky.

CRAPPIE – Crappie fishing has been kind of slow as most people are not targeting them right now because the perch are in.

WALLEYE – On Saturday, when walleye opens a lot of times we head straight to the spots where we were catching perch. A small 16th to 8th ounce jig tipped with a medium or large fathead and drug on the bottom will put your walleyes in the boat. Jig and minnows still work best what to avoid getting snagged up quite as much throwing small jerkbaits like Original Rapolla number sevens, X raps and countdowns all work really good too. Don’t be afraid to go deep for the Walleye right now either. They don’t all move up to spawn at the same time a lot of times they come in waves. You’ll still find walleyes in deeper holes with a jig and minnow.

NORTHERNS – Northerns will be mixed in everywhere. Shallow and deep. You’ll catch them on jigs and minnows, jerk baits and other small crank baits.

Overall like I said we’re looking at one of the best openers we’ve had in years. Besides the great weather that’s coming the fishing is going to be fantastic which is usually the case when we have a later ice out like this year. Good luck and I hope everyone has a great opening day!!

Information for this week’s fishing report was provided by Justin Reynolds from R&M Musky Shop.

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