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We have found water temperatures ranging from the low 70’s to high 70’s with all this beautiful weather. Which is making the lake weeds grow, well, like weeds. Along with that, the mayflies are hatching and making the bite slow down a bit. Changing your live bait selections will help put more fish in the skillet. The largest influx of recreational boaters are here now so try to get out fishing early morning or late afternoon, as it will make it is a lot less stressful and more enjoyable on the water for everyone.

Muskie: We have found some fish on the weed edges, and with the warmer water they are out in the deeper water suspending. Throwing anything from bucktails to big rubber baits are working.

Northern Pike: You can find these toothy critters in amongst the green weeds, biting on jigs, spinners and don’t forget the old trusty Johnson Silver Minnow spoon.

Walleye:With the warmer temps and growing weeds, eyes have been found on deep weed edges, and now with the mayfly hatch, out over the soft bottom areas; using jigs tipped with minnows, leeches, or crawlers should catch a fish fry for you.

Bass: Largemouth are being caught in and around the weeds. They are hitting all sorts of baits including live bait, spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Smallies are now out in the deeper water relating to hard bottom and rocks, jigs tipped with live bait are catching some and others are using plastics rigged Texas style or drop shooting.

Panfish: Bluegills are in the weeds roaming in search of feed which you can give them under a slipbobber rig tipped with small leeches, red worms or waxies; which will get you some of these. Perch are still using the weeds, but also are out on the mud flats slurping up some mayflies as they are emerging from the bottom. Jigs tipped with a leech or bit of crawler will catch you a few gumbos. Crappies have now went in the weeds so I  have been using a slipbobber rig tipped with a crappie scrub or you can get them on a small minnow also.

Information for this week’s fishing report was provided by Colin Crawford from Colin Crawford’s Guide Service.

Eagle River Fishing Contacts:

Colin Crawford – 715-891-2715

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