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Musky fishing has been kind of spotty here the last week or so with all of the storms, hot water temps and weather changes. Remember that if you are in water in the high 70s to low 80’s that it can be very stressful to a Musky. That water does crack 80° it is recommended to wait until night time when the water cools off a few degrees. If you do hook one leave it in the net and get all of your release tools ready to go so you can unhook it, measure it, snap that picture and get it right back in the water. Mornings and evenings into the night are still your best times with the warm water temperatures. Still getting fish burning bucktails in shallow water along shorelines. The top water bite has been pretty good as of late. Toughest part is a lot of floating weeds and debris from the storms to dodge. The open water bite has been getting better and better. Looking for schools of bait and ripping Medusa‘s, XL toads and bull dawgs through them in 12-25 feet of water Has been putting up good numbers and size of fish.

Walleye fishing has been good especially on the chain. A jig tipped with a large leech or a half night crawler has been producing best along weed edges in 8 to 12 feet. The people fishing at night are fishing the same weed edges but with a slip bobbers and getting some nice fish doing that too.

Northern fishing has been really good. Larger Sucker minnows and a slip bobber over sand grass has been working great. If your lake does not have sand grass fish those suckers right up in the weeds. Swim baits and spinner baits casting along the weeds is working great too.

Bass fishing has been really good. Deep rock humps with shiver minnows or rippin raps has been the ticket for smallies! If artificial bait is not your thing them a jig with an extra large fat head or a jumbo leech will work just as well.

Largemouth have been tearing up Ned rigs and wack o worms in deeper water like 10 to 16 feet along the weeds. Another fun way to catch them is with weedless top water frog’s. Just cast them them and drag them right over the tops of lily pads.

Panfish has been good too. Bluegills have been really eating well the last couple weeks. Just a panfish worm and a bobber with a hook is all you need. If you don’t get a bite right away move onto the next patch of weeds. Crappies have been a little tougher. They have been suspending and moving a lot so it can be tough to pin them down. A slip bobber and Crappie minnows has been the way to go with them. Look for your deeper holes in the lake and cribs, work up and down the water column until you find them. Looks like we have a nice week in the mid 70s with some pretty stable weather coming which should improve all of the fishing. Good luck out there!

Information for this week’s fishing report was provided by Justin Reynolds from R&M Musky Shop.

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