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Some of the bigger lakes might have a little ice along the shores but for the most part it’s open water season which means perch and crappies until May 1st. Perch are the big deal right now because they are usually the first ones to move up shallow and spawn after the ice goes out. Just cruise the shore lines with a slip bobber and a minnow. They will be scattered all over but like spots that have  downed timber or bulrushes. Couple of the smaller lakes that the ice went out earlier are already starting to see crappies move up shallow. Small plastics under a slip bobber like a Kalins crappie scrub or a regular crappie minnow is all you need. Crappies will hold out on bigger and deeper lakes in the holes that you caught them over the winter until the water warms up a little more. Temps in the 80’s today and mid 50’s to low 60’s for the next couple weeks will get the crappies in there pretty quick but it also means it will push the perch out quick as well so get out there now while it’s good!

Information for this week’s fishing report was provided by Justin Reynolds from R&M Musky Shop.

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