Should you do This? or That?

We’re guessing it’s been a long and lonely summer during unprecedented times. You’ve been living that life for months. In Eagle River, our pristine lakes and miles of picturesque trails are ready for travelers, while area businesses are preparing for new and familiar faces. We think it’s your time for this kind of living.

There’s a lot to do in our little slice of heaven, so we put together a list of popular activities and treats to suggest whether you should do this or that on your next Eagle River adventure. Read on for some ideas to get you started!

Exploring Trails: Hiking or Biking?

The Eagle River area has extensive trails for both hikers and bicycle enthusiasts. Because many trails are able to accommodate both activities – like the 13-mile Three Eagle Trail that connects Eagle River to Three Lakes – it usually depends on if you want to see a lot of different scenic views or if you’re more interested in spending time in a smaller area.

Trails for casual hikers looking to soak up natural beauty tend to be on the shorter end. Enjoy the “Avenue of the Giants” as you gaze upon tree more than 400 years old in northern hardwood, pine, and hemlock forests along the 1-mile Franklin Lake Trail.

Longer trails that are more suited for experienced hikers and casual mountain bikers include 15 miles of Nicolet North Trails, which connects with the 12-mile Anvil Lake Trail, and the 13-mile Hidden Lakes Trail, which circles Butternut Lake with views of satellite lakes nearby. And don’t worry if you left your bicycle at home, the Eagle River area has bike rental options available!

Cruising the Chain: Speed Boat or Pontoon?

The World’s Largest Chain of 28 Freshwater Lakes offers all kinds of fun options for cruising. So deciding between a speed boat or a pontoon isn’t always easy. It might depend on the people you’re with or even the lake you’re planning to spend the most time.

Speed boats offer thrills and the feeling you can visit the entire chain in a single day. We wouldn’t recommend trying it, though! And while there’s plenty of open water in the Eagle River area to crank up the speed, there are some lakes that are better suited for the slower, relaxing pace of a pontoon boat, like Voyageur Lake.

If you’re in need of a watercraft – speed boat, pontoon, or otherwise – one of our Eagle River water businesses can help you out. If you’d rather let an experienced captain lead a voyage on the chain, leave the work to a tour company like Bill’s Guide Service & Scenic Boat Tours.

Drinking in the Eagle River Experience: Tribute Beer or Supper Club Old-Fashioned?

There’s something to be said for the perfect cocktail. There’s something else to be said for an ice cold, local craft beer.

The determining factor here might come down to venue. If it’s true that “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” then, when in an Eagle River supper club, well, a classic Old-Fashioned is hard to beat. But it’s not the only drink in town.

Tribute Brewing Co. not only has its own taproom connected to the brewery, but you can take a variety of its locally-produced suds with you to the lake or the resort. On hot days that just seem to require a cold drink, a Tribute barley-pop is the ticket.

Memory Makers: Lake Life or Downtown Shopping?

Making memories and saving keepsakes are two different ways to reflect on a trip. If you prefer to experience the natural glory of your vacation in the Northwoods, then living the lake life might be for you. Of course, you might end up with a few photographic keepsakes of water skiing, tubing, or hiking, too!

But if getting the perfect gift – with an Eagle River theme – for a loved one will mean more to you, then the shops in our downtown are sure to bring you joy. Of course, there’s always a good chance a fun experience about your shopping trip will help complete the story of your keepsake.

So… This or That?

Summer and fall trips can take a lot of planning. Choosing between two different options isn’t always easy. We hope that this guide can help make your choice a little bit easier. And if you’ve got time, there’s always a third option we recommend in the Eagle River area: Do Both!

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