Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing and More

Eagle River believes in all four seasons. That’s why the area’s miles of trails used for summer fun like hiking can be used for silent sports like cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Fresh powder on the trails is like a first snow. There’s something magical about it. Skiers and snowshoeing enthusiasts are taken on an active nature journey through hundreds of acres of glistening winter landscapes that include some non-hibernating wildlife.

First developed in Norway hundreds of years ago to traverse snowy landscapes, cross country skiing (or Nordic skiing) became an essential part of life. People strapped on their skis to find food to eat, wood to burn and visit friends who lived miles away. It developed into a sport that’s gained its own popularity across the globe. However, locals and visitors tend to go at a much more leisurely pace on our trails. Check out our weekly trail conditions report to know the best time to visit.

Snowshoeing is also an example of an activity that has roots in survival and has transformed into a fun outdoor activity. It’s not exactly like walking on water, but it’s pretty close. This is a favorite silent sport for many because it allows snowshoe enthusiasts to walk on paths less traveled.

Don’t own your own skis or snowshoes? Don’t worry. We have plenty of local sports equipment rental shops in the Eagle River area to get you out on the trail.

To plan your cross country ski or snowshoe outing in Eagle River, go online and check out

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