Time to Throttle Up

We’ve got the ATV routes to really get your motor going. More than 70 miles of ‘em. They’re nestled along highways, dart in and out of natural landscapes, circle around lakes, and take you through forests teeming with wildlife.

It can be easy to spend an entire morning, afternoon, or even a whole day out on an ATV up here. Whether you’re with the guys, the gals, or the family, there’s a right speed and a right route for any kind of trip.

Be sure to check out the Eagle River ATV page for any and all updates!

City Family, Country Family

Family memories are precious things. The kids will certainly remember their first time on an ATV or UTV. And they’ll almost certainly remember routes near Eagle River as a great time.

Where is your family most comfortable and what do they want to accomplish when out riding? The routes themselves can take on an urban feel in the city limits. Shopping, restaurants, and other child-friendly activities are never far off when near the Eagle River downtown. And, of course, the routes interconnecting Vilas County communities will exude an authentic Northwoods feel. Routes outside the city are sure to deliver many types of views and terrain – from dirt roads in forests and planked bridges in prairies to rolling downhill on county highways.

Great Routes

Thanks to volunteers who are part of the Landover ATV Club and Lakeland ATV Club, these routes are maintained to make sure riders have fun and stay safe on well-marked paths. Riding is legal on most streets in Eagle River and these out-of-city routes can connect riders with other communities in Vilas County. Connect with a club to get the most up-to-date map of ATV/UTV routes.

Pre-trip Maintenance or Rental

Before you head up for another spring and summer of riding, you’ll want to perform some basic maintenance on your ATV or UTV. Check the oil. Replace dirty air filters. Put air in deflated tires. Take a look at the condition of the belt, bolts, and nuts to avoid a breakdown on your first ride of the year. Nobody wants to get stuck on the side of the road.

Track Side and The Toy Shop have excellent rental options for visitors who don’t own their own vehicle. Both Eagle River area establishments have strong reputations for delivering the land and watercraft folks need to enjoy our area routes, trails, and lakes.

Need a Bed?

It’s hard to see it all in one day, even if you’re topping out on some of the longer straightaways. Lakes. Sunsets. Eagles. If ATVing is the main activity during your visit, check out which places to stay in the Eagle River area are near a route.

Adventure Awaits

It’s a great feeling when climbing onto an ATV or UTV. The stage is set for adventure. Strap that helmet on, grab the road, and hit a route. See you in Eagle River this spring!

Fishing & ATVing

From fast-paced ATVing to slowing it down on the water for fishing, Eagle River can match a mood with an outdoor activity. Like the flowers that are starting to bloom, this month’s featured Field Notes video brings both of these spring pastimes to life.

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