Bird’s Eye View

You know, a little birder once told us that Eagle River is a great destination for bird watching. And with tons of trails, marshes, forests and nature, we have no reason to doubt them. Learn about what species you can spot and the best times of year to see them.

We have Eagles, But There’s a Whole Lot More Too

You may see some bald eagles soaring through our trees or near our lakes during your stay, but birders like to pay us a visit for the abundance of other species they can spot in our neck of the woods. While migratory patterns make birding here a different experience season by season, you can use this Check List of Wisconsin Birds to get an idea of what’s in store.

Learn More About Birding and Nature

While most of their focus lies in educating kids and young adults in forestry, wildlife management and water ecology, Wisconsin’s oldest natural resource specialty school, Trees for Tomorrow also offers workshops for adults too. Get a deeper understanding of the Eagle River ecology with a snowshoeing, hiking, biking and cross-country skiing program through Trees for Tomorrow. Take part in one of their outdoor educational sessions and pick up some souvenirs in their campus store.

Take a Look on the Trail

One of our favorite ways to spot foul is on a long hike or easy bike ride. And there’s plenty of trails to choose from if you want to take advantage of a beautiful spring or fall day. You’ll find plenty of birds in the nearby marshes and forests.

Come Prepared

While packing for the weather is a great idea, we like to come prepared with extra layers, a pair of warm, waterproof boots, maps and of course, binoculars. But if you happen to forget some of your birding essentials, you can stop by one of our recreational shops to scoop up what you need.

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