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Eagle River Lake Facts You Might Not Know

You know that the 28 connected lakes in the Eagle River area make up the World’s Largest Chain of Freshwater Lakes. But did you know that the two sides of the chain – the Eagle River Chain and Three Lakes Chain – are separated by a boat hoist named the Burnt Rollways Dam? The two sides of the chain are also connected by a river called Eagle River. While you’re considering your next visit to our neck of the woods, check out these Eagle River lake fun facts you might not have known!

Peaceful, Silent Lakes

It might be fun to get out on the water on wave runners and motor boats, but there’s a growing interest in silent sports on Eagle River’s serene lakes. Whether it’s a canoe, kayak, or even stand up paddleboard, locals and tourists alike enjoy the silence of floating on our lakes powered only by their own bodies. It’s the perfect way to enjoy gorgeous shoreline views and to hear all the natural calls from area wildlife.

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Gone Fishin’ for Big Fish

Fishing is prevalent in the Eagle River area and it’s no surprise with the amount of trophy fish available. The Eagle River Chain of Lakes and surrounding Vilas County lakes account for nearly 17 percent of what the Wisconsin DNR defines as Class A1 “trophy waters.” This metric calculates where the highest percentage of large musky can be found. Vilas County also leads the state with 29% of its Class A2 lakes and waters that have the greatest overall numbers of fish and provide the most consistent musky action.

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Silver Lake makes the Ice Castle

The iconic Eagle River Ice Castle you love seeing in January uses local ice. It has since 1933, when it was built as an addition to the “King Winter” festival. The ice doesn’t come from one of the lakes on the chain, however, it comes from Silver Lake. Its close proximity to downtown Eagle River makes it an ideal place for the volunteer fire department to cut the 60- to 70-pound blocks and transport them to 116 S. Railroad St.

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Eagle River Area Lake Families

While there might not be official lake families, many people often classify areas of lakes. These families are usually organized by location. The Eagle River Musky Open Tournament denotes seven families, which are guided by geography: 1) Eagle River Chain Area; 2) Three Lakes Chain; 3) Big Lakes Family; 4) Western Family; 5) Sugar Camp Chain; 6) Eastern Family; 7) Northern Lakes. Research which lake family you want to take your family.

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Don’t have it? No Problem!

Eagle River lake businesses have you covered – whether you need a boat for the day, an expert guide to help you along, or anything in between. Fishing guides and rental centers in the Eagle River area will make sure you and your family have a great time out on the water or on its shorelines. Just be sure to call ahead to make sure the rental you need is in stock!

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Did you know all five? Amazing! If not, now you do. It’s not like there are winners and losers up here. After all, if you’re on the lake, you’re winning. We hope to see you up on our majestic lakes in our little slice of heaven later this summer!