Snowmobile Getaway

With over 500 miles of trails, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Lucky for us the President of Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club shared his favorite ways to get around the area. Check the trail conditions and decide if you want to ride all day or make time to see our other area attractions. And, with all this excitement, don’t forget to book a place to rest up for another day out in the snow.

Half-Day Snowmobile Ride:

  1. Start your engines in downtown Eagle River, there’s parking for your trailer next to Public Works on Bluebird Road. Fuel up – your stomach, not your snowmobile – with breakfast or lunch at Leif’s Café right across the street.
  2. Okay, now’s the time to fill up your snowmobile. Head south into Eagle River’s brand new Kwik Trip right in town.
  3. From town, head west on Trail 13/17 towards Eagle River Inn.
  4. As you pass Eagle River Inn, Trail 13/17 crosses Hwy 70 – stay on Trail 13/17 south.
  5. You will come to a gate on Trail 7 west, continue on Trail 7/17 – a beautifully winding trail through the woods to Dam Lake.
  6. Cross Dam Lake and head over to Pitlik’s Sand Beach Resort, Inc. to warm up and grab a snack while you’re at it.
  7. Once you leave Pitlik’s, head northwest on Trail 15 towards St. Germain.
    Follow Trail 15 through downtown St. Germain – you will go past Big St. Germain Lake and past Lost Lake.
  8. Just south of Sayner you will pick up Trail 10 East back to Eagle River.
  9. Once you’re back to our neck of the woods stop in to Eddie B’s White Spruce Restaurant & Tavern for some of the best smoked ribs in the Northwoods.

Full-Day Snowmobile Ride:

  1. Whether you’re doing the full or half-day ride, we suggest starting in downtown Eagle River. Park your vehicle and trailer at Public Works on Bluebird Road and gear up for the full day ahead.
  2. Head north through town, crossing Hwy G on Trail 13.
  3. Stay on Trail 13 and be prepared for your breath to be taken from the views (make sure to dress warm enough so it isn’t from the cold). Zip through the woods and cross the Wisconsin River.
  4. Trail 13 will come to a tee at Hwy K – just west of Conover. Follow Trail 13 east a short distance to where the trail will cross Hwy K heading north.
  5. Continue on Trail 13 heading north until you intersect with Trail 6 west – just south of Land O’ Lakes.
  6. Follow Trail 6 West until you intersect with Trail 15 – follow Trail 15 south towards Boulder Junction.
  7. There will be plenty of Northwoods dining establishments to pick from for lunch.
  8. After lunch, stay on Trail 15 South all the way to Sayner.
  9. From Trail 15, hook up with Trail 10 East and head back to Eagle River.
  10. Once back in Eagle River load your sleds back in the trailer and stop in at Tribute Brewing Company and enjoy a local microbrew, peanuts and popcorn.
  11. After brews, head over to Buckshots Saloon & Eatery for dinner.
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