Your Guide to Our Boating Guides

When there’s a chain of lakes as big as ours, it’s a good idea to go with someone who knows their way around. Take one of our guided tours for some history, laughs and some hidden local treasures. See which tour is right for you.

Bill’s Guide Service & Scenic Boat Tours

Take a two-hour tour with Captain Bill to learn about the history and colorful heritage of Eagle River. See the historic turn-of-the-century homes and boat houses on Catfish and Cranberry Lakes while hearing all about who built them and who resides there now. Captain Bill will show you around the lakes and tell you about the history of how and when the Eagle River Chain was created, while pointing out eagles and eagle nests. And if you’re up for it, you can get in the waters yourself for a quick dip or book one of his fishing tours.

Pirates Hideaway

For a truly unique boating experience, take a relaxing tour on a pirate ship. Cruise for nearly two hours around 6 of the 28 connected lakes at a relaxing 7mph while enjoying the scenic views, snacks, historic lessons, variety of wildlife and, of course, pirates. Kids get a pirate bandanna and custom tattoos by Captain Steve throughout the ride. There are a variety of tours for pirates of all ages, like Coffee with the Captain, sunset cruises, full moon cruises or rides with live entertainment on board.  You can also rent the pirate ship for your own event where guests can “walk the plank.” And don’t forget to stop by the Hideaway’s tiki bar and ice cream shop before or after your ride.

Eagle River Main Street ProgramBoat House Tours of Eagle River

Join Captain Gary and Skipper Steve as they take you on a leisurely four-hour ride through five lakes and recount the history that’s been made here. Hear about the old campsites and resorts from back in Eagle River’s logging industry days and how tourism began in the area. You get to see a lot of colorful history and characters in our neck of the woods. So, it’s no surprise to us when people say their favorite part of the tour is the tour guides themselves.

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