Cycling and Suds

Some things just go together in Eagle River. Lakes and water activities. Snow and snowmobiling. Woods and relaxation. One of our favorites? A bike ride and a beer.

Biking those outdoor trails are sure to get anyone thirsty. And while water is the go-to hydration method, nothing can beat the taste of a cold brew after burning some calories with a little pedal power.

With nearly 80 miles of bike trails that traverse forests and dozens of restaurants and watering holes to find a barley pop, there are hundreds of biking and beer combinations to try in Eagle River this spring and summer. And in the fall, the annual SepTimber Ride includes a beer (or wine) sampling.

Find Your Trail

A bike ride in Eagle River isn’t like any ordinary bike ride. Instead of coming across the occasional park amid an urban landscape, it’s biking a trail lined with trees, teeming with natural wildlife, and often featuring idyllic lake views. Although, every trail brings its own unique views and level of difficulty.

East of Eagle River, the scenic Nicolet North Trail offers 15 miles of trails in Nicolet National Forest and connects with Anvil Lake Trail. For a trail closer to the beaten path, the Three Eagle Trail is a 13-mile route that connects Eagle River in the north to Three Rivers in the south.

Check out this complete list of trails in the Eagle River area to help plan your route.

Get Your Beer

After riding the trail, your group will have plenty to talk about while grabbing a beer. Thankfully, there are lots of places in Eagle River that serve ambers, lagers, and your favorite kind of brew. From bars and grills to Tribute Brewing Company, there will be a good option in and around Eagle River to wet the whistle after a bike workout.

Forget Your Bicycle?

Eagle River has a variety of recreational businesses that can provide essential gear for the ride.

Pedal Up and Drink It Down

You don’t need to be a bicycling enthusiast or a beer aficionado to properly enjoy a bike and brew. In our neck of the woods, we don’t mind if you’ve never patched a tire or sampled a sour beer. From simple to elegant and mundane to eye-popping, we have the trail views and beer desserts anyone can appreciate.

Can’t wait to see you for a beautiful spring day of biking an Eagle River trail and replacing those calories you just burned with a tasty brew.

Biking and Brews

While it is quite fun in theory, drinking and biking should be done responsibly in reality. Check out this month’s Eagle River: Field Notes video to review bicycle hand signals to safely navigate our bike routes

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