Pedal Power

Riding a bicycle in spring is the perfect way to shake off the rust of living a sedentary winter lifestyle. Riding a bicycle in Eagle River is the perfect way to also see nature bloom back to life.

The Eagle River area landscape includes forests, lakes, prairies, and an urban downtown that can make any bike ride fresh and exciting. A morning ride can mean spotting a bald eagle and downtown shopping before lunchtime. And with 80 miles of trails to explore, there’s more than a day’s worth of fun awaiting.

More silent sports organizations and trail stewards are helping Eagle River become a go-to biking destination. The annual SepTimber Ride continues to help the “velorution” happening in Eagle River. Ready to join in?

Trail Time

There’s a trail for every cycling experience level in the Eagle River area. There are easy rides with changing landscape views, like the Three Eagle Trail connecting Eagle River with Three Lakes. When you get back into Eagle River after pedaling the Three Eagle Trail, consider refueling with food and a drink from these downtown restaurants.

There are more challenging trails that require some hill endurance, too. Winman Trails attract serious cyclists looking to hone their tricks in an outdoor setting. Then there are trails like the Anvil Lake Trail, which include experience levels ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced on the same system.

Get more details on the different trails available in our favorite trails and routes guide. Do your own trail research using our handy trail map page.

Gear Up

There are really only two things needed for riding Eagle River area trails. A bicycle. And a helmet. Anything beyond that is up to the cyclist. Serious cyclists might want to wear biking gloves and store a water bottle on their bike. Extra storage pouches with zippers can be great for storing keys, wallets, and other essentials while out exploring the wilderness out on the trail.

Cyclists looking to traverse new terrains might want to consider fat tire bikes, which have wider tires. We’d recommend fat tire bikes for tougher trail rides—or muddy springtime trails—as they can be heavier than normal bikes and their treads add more resistance.

Visitors who don’t have a bike or biking accessories can find them from rental shops. Don’t be fooled by the name, Your Boat Club in Eagle River has the gear needed to get anyone pedaling in our area.

Non-biking Essentials

Pedaling a bicycle takes some work. Food to eat and a place to rest are important parts to any successful biking trip. The Eagle River area has a great selection of places to refuel, including a number of restaurants near bike trails. Cedaroma Lodge, Pitlik’s Sand Beach Resort, and Eagle River Getaways are three bicycle-friendly options to stay overnight.

Happy Trails

It’s time to stretch your legs and breathe that fresh Northwoods air. Bring your bicycle on up or reserve a rental for when you get here. We’ve got the trails for your two tires—whether their fat, flat, or rented. See you in Eagle River this spring!

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