Fishing Report

Those trophy fish are out there in the weeds, rocks and break lines just waiting to be lured in. For a more detailed fishing report on where specific fish species are and how to catch them, read below.

Muskie: Weeds, rocks, break lines, and mid-lake humps is where these fish congregate, depending on the lake. Don’t forget to bring an arsenal of baits to cover a lot of water. Remember that the proper equipment is needed to use certain baits to make your fishing experience enjoyable.

Northern Pike: Fishing near the weeds for pike with spinnerbaits and weedless spoons, such as Johnson Silver Minnows, should get good action. Jig and minnow combos fishing near weeds for walleyes will catch a few also.

Walleye: This is the time that you should have a lot of options ready to go to for rigging, jigging, and slip bobbers with a selection of minnows, leeches, and crawlers. This should get a fish fry.

Bass: (Largemouth) Bass spinnerbaits (safety pin style) and crankbaits are working well. If fishing weeds, don’t forget to bring top water baits like a Scum Frog or a Zara Spook; adding this approach will add success. Texas and Carolina rigging plastics will also entice that fish to bite. (Smallmouth) Basic live bait rig is always a go to presentation along with plastics and crankbaits will work.

Panfish: For Bluegills, slip bobber rigs are the way to go baited up with a good selection of live bait such as waxies, small leeches and red worms. Plastics are working under bobbers also; you just have to twitch your rod to make sure they have actions. Crappies will be looking for cover in the weeds, downed trees or around cribs. A slip bobber rigged with small minnow or plastics get bites; work them the same way as with Bluegills. Perch are in the weeds too, and using a selection of small leeches, red worms and small minnows on slip bobbers are the ticket for them.

*Fishing report for the Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce based on observations submitted by Eagle River guide “Muskie Matt,” George Langley, and Colin Crawford’s Guide Service; their contact information is listed below.

Eagle River contacts

* Eagle River Chamber of Commerce – 800-359-6315 or 715-479-6400



* “Muskie Matt” – 715-891-5980


*George Langley – 715-479-8804


*Colin Crawford – 715-891-2715




The calendar might say that spring officially starts next week in Wisconsin. Talk to any avid fisherman, however, and you’ll be told it’s the first Saturday in May – Opening Day.


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