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Only in Eagle River – Eagle Waters Resort

Immersed in beauty and history, the land and settlements on it-now known as Eagle Waters Resort-is a place that needs to be experienced to...

Fall’ing Up North

Fall’ing Up North That Up North autumn feeling just seems to bring alive all the senses. The crisp air tantalizes the skin. Colorful leaves dazzle...

Only in Eagle River – National Championship Musky Open

There are thousands of fishing tournaments throughout the year and dozens that feature musky trophies. But there's one amateur musky event that has the...

This is THE Eagle River Pastime

This is THE Eagle River Pastime There are many reasons to visit our neck of the woods. Idyllic forest backdrops. Clean, fresh air. Winter sports like snowmobiling. But...

All Day on the Chain

All Day on the Chain Pack the cooler. Bring the sunscreen. Get ready to pump some tunes. Yes, it's a perfect day to cruise the World's Largest...
Tree line along lake during fall with trees changing color

Only in Eagle River – Burnt Rollways Boat Hoist

Even some of the most experienced anglers and boaters in the Eagle River area might not have ever used a feature that's been on...

Only in Eagle River – Tara Lila

Most hiking and biking trails weave through public property. Not the three park units of the Tara Lila - Sundstein Road, Ripco Road, and...

Hiking and Biking Favorites

Hiking and Biking Favorites Choosing a favorite trail can be like picking a favorite child. They're all so incredible we love them equally! While it might...
Family sitting on chairs along a lake on a sunny day

Making Memories Up North

Making Memories Up North If memories really do make us rich, then we're grateful to host many truly wealthy visitors. Perhaps it's because you don't need...
Eagle River's chain of lakes panoramic photo

Only in Eagle River – Chain of Lakes

There are a lot of lakes in the world to choose to spend your time. There are 10s of thousands of them just in...

Only in Eagle River – The 100-Year Old Train Depot

Eagle River exists as it does today because of the once burgeoning railway that came to the Northwoods - specifically to the Train Depot...

Revving up on the routes

We've got the ATV routes to really get your motor going. More than 70 miles of 'em. They're nestled along highways, pass in and...

A Downtown Revival

A Downtown Revival Sure, the downtown of Eagle River is charming with a "Main Street USA" appeal. But did you know it welcomed half a...
Front Trail

Only in Eagle River – The Tom Hill Chickadees

Recreation trails are open year-round in the Eagle River area for seasonal activities like hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling (just to name...

Only in Eagle River – The Dome

There are stadiums, arenas, rinks, and domes throughout the world. But there is only one sports facility simply called The Dome. It might be...

A Genuine Northwoods Supper Club

Known for dim lighting, large portions, local décor, and a drink list often longer than the menu, supper clubs have a long and storied...