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White trilliums in the woods.

See Spring’s First Flowers

By Mary Ann Lambrecht, a Vilas County Master Gardener Volunteer We’re a pretty colorful bunch up here, and you could say the same when...
A group of people sitting around a campfire at night.

Bring the Whole Gang – Traveling with a Group in Eagle River

Sure, we're pretty laid back but when it comes to things to do with a group, you won't run out of them in Eagle...
A red and white woodpecker perched in a tree.

Bird’s Eye View

You know, a little birder once told us that Eagle River is a great destination for bird watching. And with tons of trails, marshes,...

Lakes to Drop Your Line

When you go ice fishing on the World's Largest Chain of 28 Lakes, you can be sure that there's plenty of room to set...
A group of men playing ice hockey in the snow.

Hockey Capital of Wisconsin™

We sure know a thing or two about hockey. Maybe it's because we're pretty close to Canada, or that the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of...
A group of people riding snowmobiles down a snowy trail.

Snowmobile Getaway

With over 500 miles of trails, there's a lot of ground to cover. Lucky for us the President of Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club shared his...
A plate of food and a glass of wine on a table.

Romantic Fall Getaway

Fall and Eagle River go together like you and well… you're loved one. You will find plenty of natural beauty, lots of good food...
A pond in a forest.

Fall Done Right

The colors of fall look pretty good anywhere you go, but around here we like to think it's about as good as it gets....

3-day Weekend in Eagle River

If you can’t join us for an entire week, we’ll settle for a long weekend. See how to pack your 72 hours full of...
A red and white boat in the water.

Test The Waters

It's hard to find fishing, water skiing, sand castle building, bird watching and sunset cruises all in one destination - but in our little...
Summer 2017 Millennials

Instagram-Worthy Experiences

Grab your crew and get up to Eagle River for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle. Experience all of the small-town quirks...
A group of people sitting at tables in a restaurant.

What to do on a rainy day

Sure, we're a pretty outdoorsy bunch, so we can tough out a rainy day or two with the best of them, but even when...
A man and woman standing in front of a rack of shirts.

Break Your Cabin Fever

We kinda like staying in a cabin, but when spring comes around and cabin fever strikes, we want to get back outside. See what...
A person riding a snowmobile down a snowy trail.

The Snowmobile Capital of the World®

It's that time of the year when Eagle River transforms into the Snowmobile Capital of the World®. It won't be long until a blanket...
A person hiking in the snow with snowshoes.

Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing and More

Eagle River believes in all four seasons. That’s why the area’s miles of trails used for summer fun like hiking can be used for...
An ice tower with a blue sky in the background.

Ice Brick by Ice Brick

Many of us have memories of building snow forts or igloos as children. Some of us build them with our children today. In Eagle...