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Here's what George Langley of the Eagle River Fishing Guide Association, is reporting about fishing in the Eagle River area:



by George Langley

Mid-summer conditions are here, with that great morning and evening fishing that goes along with the comfortable temperatures that go along with those time periods. There is still a lot of boating traffic, and the sun is still very high, so fish are deep in the weeds or in deep water during the daytime.


We have been a little dry for the last week, but overall the lake levels are higher than last year. With the rain has come lake flies and mosquitoes, so take repellant along. Weed growth is good, with most weeds right to the top. Water temps will be quite high this week with the warm temps expected.


Walleye fishing has been pretty good for this time of year. Most fish are being found near the deep edges of the weeds. As we said, mornings and evenings are best, but you can find some fish during the daytime also. Fish close to the bottom wherever you are fishing. The weed edges are roughly 8’ on the darker water lakes and 12’ on the deeper lakes. All live bait is working now, with minnows, leeches and crawlers even in their production. If you are using crawlers, use half crawlers for best effect.

Bass fishing is at its’ summer best now, with the smallies out on rocks and feeding daily on crayfish. We have been getting some also on Rapalas twitched on calm days over those rocks. Leeches are the best live bait for these guys. Largemouth are definitely in the slop and can be in water as shallow as 3’. Plastics and spinnerbaits are working best for these fish. Crawlers will work, but the bluegills will drive you crazy.


Northerns are in the weeds and hitting well. Look for areas of deeper grass weeds for best production. Chubs are best for these fish, but artificials such as Mepps and Johnson “Silver Minnows work well also.


Musky action has been very good, with some big fish now being caught throughout the area. Overall, bucktails are working best, but all bait types work at this time of year. Night fishing is also good. It is a good time of the year to use surface baits, if your heart can stand it.


Panfish action has been great, especially for crappies and bluegills. The ‘gills are in the shallower weeds, and the crappies are in the deeper weeds. Both are providing great daily action for anglers of all ages. You’ll also find perch in the deeper weeds acting like small walleye.


It’ll be a good week to get out there.


Good luck and good fishn’


For more information about fishing the Eagle River area call us or visit our website.:
*George Langley, Eagle River Fishing Guide Association,        715-479-8804;


JULY 2013


Mid- summer is upon us but with the late spring everything is two to three weeks behind a normal summer. Our rain fall is way above average and we have overcome the drought of the past eight years. Lake levels are either up or near normal water levels, except for the seepage lakes. I look for good fishing in the early part of July and after mid-month the fishing may slow down for several weeks depending on the air temperatures. With all the rain we have had, the mosquitos are the worst we have seen in several years. Wood ticks are also very bad this year as we did not have an extremely cold winter. Upon returning from the woods or hiking check your body for these pests. If hiking tuck your pants legs into your socks to keep these pests from crawling up your legs.


July is a good time to do some hiking because the young wildlife is out and about and it is fun to site these animals. This month from mid-month to the end will be the start of the blueberry season and it will be one of the best in many years. Early July will be the start of raspberry and wild strawberry picking time so get those pies made and put some in the freezer for the winter months.


Get out there and enjoy our Northwoods outdoors and please respect the environment.


Keep a tight line,

*Yukon Jack Outfitters,

1857 Scattering Rice Lake Rd.,

Eagle River, WI  54521,

715-479-3219; website: www.yukonjackegv.com

Fishing in Eagle River


We can honestly say that there is no place on earth with as much variety of fishing opportunities in freshwater fishing. With literally hundreds of lakes of all sizes, and miles and miles of trout streams, plus the fishing in the Wisconsin River, you could fish every day of the open water season and never hit the same water twice. We have great fishing for trout, musky walleye, smallmouth & largemouth bass, northerns and all types of panfish. You can catch most of these species within the city limits of Eagle River.

Musky fishing is spectacular, with people travelling from all over the world to fish these great gamefish. The action starts on the Memorial Day weekend - and there is good fishing for them right from the start. Our variety of musky waters run from the Wisconsin and Eagle Rivers to lakes running from 50 to 4,000 acres. We also have a great variety of dark and clear water lakes for all weather conditions.When you are thinking musky you may want to fish them in the summer while on a family vacation. At this time of the year surface baits provide heart-stopping action - and you can fish early and late in the day while still boating or otherwise enjoying life with the family. One great thing to remember about musky is that they hit at any time - not just at a particular time of day, Fall musky fishing is the best of the trophy time, with numerous huge musky caught (and usually released) every year. This is the time that our many excellent area guides are very busy with musky clients.

Walleye fishing is also good, especially in the spring and fall. Our game fish season starts on the first weekend in May and the walleye are active from the start. Most opening weekends find some of the best fishing of the year, with the fish still in the shallows from spawning. May is a great time to fish walleye with light tackle along the shorelines. June finds the fish moving deeper, with good action experienced in deeper weeds and on mid-lake structure.
As the summer vacation period happens our guides will still find these great tasting fish daily, and many a vacation has been enhanced with an evening meal of fresh-caught walleye. They are located deeper in the summer, usually around mid-lake bars and reefs.
Fall walleye fishing is great, with days of 10 - 30 walleye not uncommon. This is the time of the year for fishing with jigs and larger minnows for big fish. You can also experience fine artificial bait luck at this time of year with crankbaits.

Northern pike abound in this area also, with a variety of lakes for these fish. We do have some trophy water for these fish, although most of our lakes contain mid-sized fish in good numbers. This is a great gamefish to introduce to you children to fishing for while on vacation, because of their aggressive nature and abundance.

This area has not been previously known as a hotbed for largemouth bass, but it is a real "sleeper" area for these fish. You will experience a huge variety of conditions and types of fishing for them, from 20 acre ponds to 2,000 acre lakes. More and more our guides have learned to take clients to out-of-the-way small bog lakes for these fish. Fish to 6 pounds are not uncommon, but most fish run in the 2-3 pound range.

Smallmouth bass are a different story - we have some of the best smallmouth fishing in the world right here. Catches of 50 fish a day are not uncommon, and many trophies are taken yearly. The smallies hit right from opening day on - and it again is a wonderful way to introduce your friend or children to gamefish fishing with a certainty of success. Another way of enjoying fishing for smallmouth is to flyfish for them. This is becoming a much more popular sport yearly. Many area guides have become adepot at this type of fishing.

Out trout fishing is also varied, with both streams and lakes available. The experience of wilderness fishing for trout along our hundreds of miles of streams is a great way to spend a summer day or evening. Most area streams are small, but loaded with fish. A number of our rivers or streams can be canoed.There is a good number of lakes and ponds for trout fishing also, and these fish are noted for hitting all season long.

One of the great benefits of coming to this area is the variety - there is ALWAYS some type of fish active and hitting. Bring a variety of rods, or just hire one of the many local guides and they will provide equipment for you.

Good luck and good fishing!


Fishing Notes
These are just a few of the Fishing Tournaments that are held here in the Eagle River Area. If you would like more information on These or other related fishing Tournaments in the Area Contact the Chamber for Details.

National Championship Musky Open

Professional Musky Tournament Trail

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