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The Winter Bucket List

Contrary to popular belief, winter does not last forever in northern Wisconsin. So even though winter is just starting and the snow hasn't decorated...

24 hours in Eagle River: Fall Edition

Without a doubt, summer in the Northwoods is a downright escape. We wrote all about it after our summer trip. However, so many people...

Two’s Company, Tree’s a Crowd

The truth is, with all the trails in the Eagle River area, hikers never feel crowded. There are more than 80 miles of trails...

Yes, “Up North” is real: 24 hours in Eagle River: Part 2

Hi there, we're back chronicling the definitive 24-hour itinerary for the best summer day Up North. If you haven't read part 1 yet, feel...
Fall Colors

Fall Into Colors

The Eagle River area has its fair share of pine and needle-bearing trees, but our deciduous trees are already popping bright and deep colors...

Yes, “Up North” is real: 24 hours in Eagle River: Part 1

Growing up in the Midwest, you hear talk of a mythical and magical place called "Up North." Your friends would come back from their...

Fishing Heats Up in Late Summer

Gone fishin' is a lifestyle that focuses less on what's caught and more about the experiences out on the water. While some fish are...

Find New Adventures in Eagle River

Chances are you know that our back yard has the World's Largest Chain of Freshwater Lakes - all 28 of them. But do you...

Drives, chips, and hole-in-ones

The noise a golf ball makes when hitting the bottom of a cup is a great sound. Whether you're on a 4-star, 18-hole course...

Cycling and Suds

Some things just go together in Eagle River. Lakes and water activities. Snow and snowmobiling. Woods and relaxation. One of our favorites? A bike...

ATV Season Starts in 3, 2, 1…

May is almost here and that means the start of Eagle River ATV season. While you hurry up and wait, remember that when you...

Fuel Up with Tasty Dishes

Between all of our ice- and snow-inspired winter activities and a full docket of outdoor spring adventures on our trails and lakes, now is...

Eagle River: North of the Blue Line

The Eagle River area is steeped in ice hockey history. It's home to the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame, host of the Adult Pond...

Dashing Through the Snow

You won't be in a one-horse open sleigh, but Eagle River has the key ingredients for fun winter excursions: snow and trails. Whether you...

Learn How Eagle River Makes Those Pristine Snowmobile Trails

A Q&A with Sno-Eagle Trail Boss Brian Scheid The Eagle River area is known as the Snowmobile Capital of the World® for good reason....

All Things Eagle River Old Fashioned

We're celebrating one of our favorite drinks this month. Whether you're at a local supper club, your back deck, or bellied up to the...